CLUBS: Naked Nooner maiden

Started by bfeist, July 01, 2013, 08:22:44 PM

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Maidened the Naked Nooner at Kingston. Elevator response was floppy and inconsistent making it impossible to trim, I had way too much expo, and the motor vibrated like crazy at full throttle. I landed it with no problems (it's a real floater compared to the Sunracer).

The motor was my old projeti motor. On closer inspection I noticed it had a bent shaft, so tonight I just replaced the motor with a new 2800kv hobby king car motor. It will have less cooling but who cares.

I was also using some cheap 4.5x4.5 props I ordered from China years ago. They're probably for brushed motors at lower RPMs. I just put on a vintage Graupner CAM 4.7x4.7 instead.

I also secured a sleeve around the elevator pushrod and glued it to the inside of the fuse. I had used some plastic tube-in-tube pushrod material that I had laying around (I honestly can't remember what plane it was from) and it was just floppy inside the fuse during the maiden flight. Now it's much more secure.

Should be good to go for Maiden #2 at TEMAC next time it's nice weather.