Started by sihinch, December 08, 2013, 09:58:46 PM

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Just like I'd threatened, I have started building a new, hybrid design Piker class racer.  It's using a Slipso 400 fuselage, and my own design custom wing.  Hence the name "slipstream."  Oh, and you'll all be flying in mine......  ;D

I purchased a short-kit for the Slipso from Mountain Models (for $25) and had to purchase a little bit of triangular stock.  It's a simple balsa box construction so far, but will need shaving to aerodynamic shape (like a rifle bullet!)  I'm not looking forward to that bit.... :-\

Anyway, here is my progress so far....


looking good Simon... planing to start my build over the Christmas break :)
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That little planes looks OK, it will very fast, just keep it light. Are you using the foam cores that where cut for you?
Did the kit have full size plans, so you could scratch build one, if needed. You never know when racing!!!


The plans are on RC Groups and P Daniels (the designer) website, but I did buy a second short kit. My plan was to build one and learn from the build so I can strengthen or modify the second.

Plus a very kind friend got me 120% plans so I can build a larger one from scratch, but the regular slipso is actually about the same size as the Nooner (for the fuse.)

And yes, I want to use my foam cores with this plane.


Looking forward to seeing it fly...can it race in the Nooner series?



Here is the fuse ready for glassing........ :D


Looks Great Simon, you are becoming a master builder.


Now, isn't that pretty?  I bet you're proud of it.  You should be.  Great job!


I don't know about Master Builder (!!!) but I am proud of it.

But I still need to do the wings!  :-\



looks good.

Can't wait to see it fly.
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Frank v B

"Slipstream" is defined as a disturbance created by something moving through air or a liquid. 
May you fly forever in my slipstream! ;D

Great to see you cross to the build side.  Flying something you built gives a much greater sense of achievement.  But also, crashing something you built hurts a little more.  If you build it, it makes a repair much easier.  You win on both counts.

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Well, I started the wing. 

As with most things, I've been thinking about it for a few days, and I took them out the box to start planning how I was going to do the job and what do you know....I started it!

So vision, some virtual planning, a quick 5 minute look and then start!

I've only done 1 side so far, and only the bottom of the wing.  I installed a spar, and then added the lower wing skin. It's now all under about 80lbs until tomorrow.


That's my strategy.  When I'm not feeling motivated to work on a plane, 'cause I'm tired, or whatever, I'll head to my shop just to have a look and maybe tidy a bit, and before I know it I've made some progress and on a roll.  It's often easier to get started than we think.

The wing looks fantastic so far.  Great work!