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Started by cpaine, March 24, 2015, 01:30:31 PM

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Good lookin group Racers in orangeville!! why didnt anyone tell me i was the only one holding my airplane opposite of everyone else?! lol
I never liked noses down... looks like they are crashing! Noses up this year!!
looking forward to the first Race! hope i can make it...
Cheers Guys
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There always has to be one!  ;D


E F 1 racing two months from today, can't wait!!! Need some warm weather.
Go Fast, Turn Left !!!


Takeoffs are optional. Landings are mandatory.


There might even be some trophys to take home!
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Im gonna say no to the trophy idea for now.... I was going to make them, but just no time these days. lets just get a race under our belts, and go from there...

Cheers fellas!!
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Frank v B


We just may bring some trophies with us like:
the Hinchcliffe award- a tree branch mounted on a plaque  8) .  No idea why.
the Fluney award for the fastest flier...not named Fluney ;D
the good sport award- for the guy who tried the hardest but got nowhere... fast! ;)

We really enjoyed the visit and the hospitality last year.  See you soon.

"Never trade luck for skill"


Now those are trophys!
Glad you enjoyed last years pylon racing/practise. hope the weather is good for us this year. Can't wait!!
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