EF-1 race pics....

Started by cpaine, June 13, 2015, 04:24:03 PM

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forgot to post pics.. sorry.
My 2cents.... the day went off with out a hitch. A lot of fun for all i do believe. no carnage, and no sacrifices to the tree!!
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Nice images!

Of course, we're proud of the TEMAC contingent!  ;D

Frank v B

It was a great day and we raced our brains out.  Thanks to Ken for organizing and getting the weather right! Thanks to the race volunteers who manned the pylons.
The TEMAC boys (Mike H. Greg H., Glenn and myself) had a great time. 
We were polite competitors and let Ken's boys finish 1-4.  The TEMAC boys came 5-8.  If I came in 8th out of 8 competitors, does that make me super polite or just a plain hopeless racer? :D

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good times... thanks so much for hosting us Ken, Cory and countless helpers :)
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Hey Guys,

I started a Flickr account... Way easier to upload photos (for me anyways).... I'm new to this, so i wonder if there is a way for others to add photos to that page? I added it because Brent (one of the racers not on your forum) wanted some pics... and it was really painful trying to send through hotmail.... so they are nothing new.
I have seen other guys from the American Nationals use that site to post, and works really well. 28 photos uploaded within 3 minutes!! :o


Check it out.
Looking forward to the next race!

Cheers ;D

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good looking group of racers ;)
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