Crash of the Year Award 2019

Started by davidk, January 05, 2020, 10:40:33 AM

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Congratulations Rob - I wish I could have been there tonight
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Rob, I am so sorry that you won this award this year having dedicated the time, effort and skills into building your beautiful CL 415.  :'(  Your acceptance speech was very moving.  Many of us have felt your pain with the loss of planes that haven't even come close to yours.

This part of the hobby is obviously often inevitable.   It is how we react afterwards that makes us stronger and doesn't deter us from getting onto the next project.   You are a great example to others in hobby.  You are a Rock.

Better luck next year!  :D


Hey Bruce. Those are very kind words, and although I am not sure I deserve them thank you. Something similar to the CL crash happened to me about 1980 or so. Back then it soured me on the sport for a lot of years. The sport was much more expensive back then and I had a big mortgage and family and all. The thing this time is that I have all the things that make Temac great to keep my enthusiasm going. Great field, great people, and most importantly, a feeling of belonging to something special.  Like a lot of people I am sure, I have been in and  out of various clubs most of my life. Temac is something unique, and by far the best organization I have had the privilege to be part of. Thanks to all of you for making it so.
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