Flight training Wed. July 19, 2023- starting at 5:30 "How to trim an airplane"

Started by Frank v B, July 16, 2023, 10:03:53 PM

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Frank v B

We will be at the field starting at 5 pm Wednesday.
This time there will be a session on "how to trim an airplane" for any club member.
This covers just the basics.  I am not a pattern flyer. 
The purpose is to show you how to set up an airplane so it will fly "hands-off".

"Never trade luck for skill"

Frank v B

A beautiful evening.  Very little wind, lots of people.  Most of the time there were 16-18 cars in the lot.  They came and went all evening.
Royalty visited- Simon H. got the evening off and dropped by, Ken Rawlins dropped by as well.  First time I have seen Ken since pre-covid.  He has not flown in a year because of RPAS and the Scugog Float Flyer club lost its site.
Went through the "How to trim an airplane" with Mark, Paul and Noah.

Photo report:

31- Alex and his son Mark dropped by to have his AeroScout test flown and trimmed.  Mark was excited to see it fly.
33- Bad news when Vadim accepts help from Simon "the launcher" Hinchcliffe.
36- Simon in mid-launch
37- telling Vadim what to do.
41- Vadim pointing out an enlarged inlet duct. We call it a post-accident modification.
43- Why is this man smiling?- Mark's first completely "under control" flight from take-off to landing. A Spit can be a handful.
46- Peter and some heavy metal.  He and his planes run on caffeine.
47- Peter's Skylane.
50- Philip and Mark comparing transmitters "what does this switch do?".  "no idea!"
53- the parking lot just before I left.


"Never trade luck for skill"


Great fun yesterday!
Thanks to Phil for helping me set up a voice alert on my Tx
You never fail until you stop trying