Yes, flight training Wed. June 26 starting at 5 pm.

Started by Frank v B, June 25, 2024, 11:20:50 PM

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Frank v B

The forecast calls for 43% probability of rain.   We will do our flying in the remaining 57%.
I will be there regardless of the weatherman's call.
The winds are forecast at 15 km/h.  That seems like windstill compared to last weekend.

"Never trade luck for skill"


I won't make it today bcs I am moving, but you guys enjoy flying

Frank v B

It was raining at 4 pm when George, Mark, Paul and I arrived.  The skies parted at about 5 pm and we started flying.  Tony, David, Maya, and Amir showed up. Then Kenny and Oscar showed up as well.  Then Travis and Bill (Ryerson Grads) dropped by. We flew continuously until about 8 pm.

Photo report:
89- Paul re-maidened his repaired PT 17
91- Maya (TMU) supervising George's flying.
92- Travis and Maya searching for divine keep the rain away (successful).
94- Maya's repaired Apprentice.  New glue and new tape after my crash last week (lost signal).
96- Paul concentrating on his maiden flight of his new large Timber.  Good job!
97- Paul and his Timber...after the maiden flight.
01- Kenny after flying his leaf blower.  There is a smile hiding in there somewhere.
03- Travis and Bill with their new 3D printed plane.  It has wingerons. No ailerons or elevator.  Back to the drawing board.  It appears to have the flight characteristics of an airfoiled brick.  Some adjustments will be made.  It will fly.

"Never trade luck for skill"