Another BBQ day

Started by Michael, August 05, 2023, 10:49:47 AM

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Hi Everyone,
We are planning to have another BBQ at the TEMAC field on Sunday August 27. The BBQ will be free for Temac members. We wil be cooking up some delicious all beef hot dogs. We will have condiments, but please bring your own drinks. We'll start the Q about noon, and then enjoy flying afterward. We are not planning any organized flying events, just bring whatever you feel like flying. Come on out and enjoy a good hot dog, some laughs, and some flying with friends
Please reply  to this subject posted on the General Discussion area on the forum if you are planning to attend to give us an idea of how much food to supply.
Cheers, your executive, Michael, Dave, Mark and Rob.

Frank v B

Please count me in for two dogs.*
Love it!


*...and maybe chips like last time.  8)
"Never trade luck for skill"


Yummy...  2 x HD please.


Count me in with two, please.



You never fail until you stop trying

Frank v B

Just received confirmation that Paul Hepworth will attend the BBQ on Aug 27.
For those of us who think we know how to fly, be ready to be humbled.  These photos were taken at last year's BBQ.
The prop diameter is larger than the wingspan on some of my airplanes.
Paul's plane has enough battery capacity to drain an Ontario Hydro power station. ;D


ps:That is my little 180 scratch-built Pitts sitting on the nose of Paul's plane.
"Never trade luck for skill"


Count me in for two please