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Author Topic: TEMAC is open!  (Read 1046 times)

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TEMAC is open!
« on: April 12, 2023, 01:58:19 PM »
TEMAC is Open

Several years ago, drones (electric quad copters) were developed and sold, in large quantities, to the public. Due to some instances of unsafe usage, certain government agencies put restrictions on their use, and required users to acquire licenses, register their drones, and follow a specific set of rules.

According to the Transport Canada, our model airplanes fall under the category of drones. The Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) entered into an agreement exempting MAAC members from these rules. Recently, this agreement has ended. All MAAC members, who wish to fly at MAAC affiliated clubs, or anywhere else, must acquire a basic Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) license and follow all rules, including registering each model aircraft they intend to fly, and maintaining a flight log.

MAAC cancelled flying at MAAC affiliated fields last December, but this restriction (for TEMAC and many other clubs) has recently ended. MAAC has given TEMAC a Safety Operating Certificate (SOC), and we are now open.

TEMAC has also recently acquired additional (non-MAAC) liability insurance for members and board members. MAAC membership also insures its members.


Membership in TEMAC requires you have MAAC membership and that you have your basic RPAS license. Membership dues may be sent to our treasurer by email. Send to: temac.treasurer@gmail.com
Please also send your MAAC number and a copy of your RPAS in PDF form. You can also contact Mark for information regarding membership.

Membership is still on reserve for those who were members in 2022, until the end of April. On May 1, we will open membership to the public, until we reach a total of 100 members.

Field Improvement and Clean Up

Our Vice President, David Kates, has already started improving conditions at the field. Tables and chairs will be improved (new or repaired), new bin, etc. Dave has started a new thread under General Discussion in our website forum, “TEMAC – Initial Cleanups”. Please review it, and please consider helping out if he asks.

After a few years of caution, mostly due to past COVID restrictions, we will start having barbecues again, for members. Due to auction proceeds from donated models, and a generous gift from the widow of Dr. John Cocker, these barbeques will be free to all TEMAC members, at least for 2023.

Club Events

With COVID restrictions over, I will start working with our Special Events Coordinator, Rob Dickinson, to plan funflies for the spring-summer-fall seasons.

Flight Training

Our amazing Chief Flight Instructor, Frank  Van Beurden, (sporting a new knee) will be back again on Wednesday evenings, with his team of dedicated TEMAC instructors, teaching newbies how to fly their model airplanes. Frank regularly posts updates in the “Flight Instruction” section of our website forum. Instruction sessions start in early May.

RPAS license information here:

MAAC information here:

Email our treasurer here:

Field condition updates:

Flight Instruction forum: