• May 23, 2022, 07:41:44 PM
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Author Topic: NexStar ready for maiden but needs to be checked out (Tuesday about 11AM)  (Read 1263 times)

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Strange to say, the NexStar is almost finished -- the canopy/hatch needs painting as does the fuselage portion -- not a perfect fit so a bit more work, but enough to take to the field and get it checked out.

Tried to balance it this morning, and it looks that about 8 ounces of lead are needed (cheeks have dents to putting bullets in place will be just about right there).

Anyone goint to be out at the field Tuesday around 11AM to check it over and take it up for a test flight?

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If not, bring it to the student night on Wed and we can check it out then.
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That's part of the plan, getting the maiden done on Tuesday just gets me closer to flying on my own that much sooner.  Not going to have a lot of time this year (usual excuses -- work, travel times, family, not enough planes ready to fly -- plus the priority one -- 25th wedding anniversary in August.)

I know that packing the plane to work and flying on the way home is supposed to be an option but I don't think that soaking a plane, radio and batteries in summer heat for ten hours is very good for them.

Rogo Filed is the half-way point to and from home in terms of distance, about a half-hour transit time.


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