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Started by sihinch, March 25, 2018, 04:33:38 PM

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to update you all on our most recent Board meeting, held on Sunday 11th March.  Also present were Michael Rogozinsky (advisor to the Board) and Bruce Weaver (2018 CFI.)  I asked everyone to meet so that we could refresh and align on our Club Mission, review what is and isn't working and plan for our 2018 season.

It was a very productive meeting (IMHO) and we covered a lot of ground.  I am delighted that we clarified (or defined?) the Club Mission, which I felt was important since it should guide our values (which you already know) and activities.

Mission: (Provide) A nice place to fly and have fun with friends and provide proper instruction for student pilots.
Values: Have Fun, Be Safe & Be Courteous.

We unanimously agreed that our events, bbqs, winter program, build nights, forum and flight training program are working well.  On that note, Bruce has refined and improved our training program for 2018 and kindly helped us to update the field safety rules (to keep pace with MAAC changes, and other changes in the hobby.)  We will continue to ask members to respect Wednesday Evenings as an exclusive time for student flyers, please - if we only have a few students we will open it up to all members, as we have in recent years.  I am currently working to update the Safety rules on the Club website and you can see a note about 2018 Flight Instruction on the forum here:

Another unanimous decision was regarding FPV at TEMAC and the need for a frequency board, to ensure fliers can fly together safely.  I think this is a great step and indication of the openness to support FPV at TEMAC.  Please, as always, help us keep our club a tolerant, courteous and inclusive place where we embrace multiple aspect of the RC hobby.  Obey the field rules, MAAC rules and communicate clearly at the field, so that tensions or frustrations don't develop. Check out the latest here:

We also agreed that we would not change the TEMAC approach to helicopters and multirotor aircraft.  I believe that we managed to strike a good balance between the needs and interests of the 2 type of fliers, so we will continue to require rotary aircraft pilots to have MAAC fixed wing status to fly at TEMAC.  We would ask all pilots to continue to be courteous and sensitive to the types of aircraft being flown, and if flying with others we ask all rotary aircraft pilots to fly the circuit and not hover/stop over the runway.  We still won't be offering rotary aircraft flight instruction, either, I'm afraid.

As recognition and celebration of the vibrant and fun activity taking place in the mornings at TEMAC, we will be creating a new "Morning Crew" section of the forum.  Watch this space and who knows, you might be lucky enough to find out about some previously unknown fun taking place!

A plan for field maintenance and improvement was developed and we tried, where possible, to incorporate your ideas from the forum thread "Have your say."  Hopefully you will understand that we felt that not all ideas were workable, although we did agree they were great ideas.

A couple of polite reminders to all our members please (I actually mean, some moans!)
Please always take your own garbage (rubbish) away from the field with you when you leave.  Let's keep the field nice for everyone.
Please remember that the tables at the field are meant for model assembly; don't arrive at the field and "claim" one as your own for the day.

There were some other discussions about our events, and being 15 years old this year, but I'm going to keep a few secrets for some surprises!


Frank v B

Simon and the Bored ;)

Thanks for doing the tough stuff for this club.  We get to have all the fun.

re: As recognition and celebration of the vibrant and fun activity taking place in the mornings at TEMAC, we will be creating a new "Morning Crew" section of the forum.

Thank you for 1) recognizing the importance of the Morning Crew to the Club and 2) recognizing they are a legitimate part of the Club.  They are a fun bunch and play in the TEMAC sandbox in the mornings during the week.  There is always activity at the Club and that is a good thing. It goes without saying that Bruce Weaver gets full marks for starting the Morning Crew and growing it... and letting Andy, Bj and me* join.

If it sounds like a compliment for Bruce....absolutely.... Rest assured it will never happen again. ;)


* yes, I know.  I am still on probation.
"Never trade luck for skill"