Cut my thumb

Started by Canuke, May 19, 2019, 01:09:02 PM

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I just did a job on my left thumb. Several stitches at the walk in clinic. Motor started, prop hit it. Stupidity on my part, didn't have the throttle cut on. I won't be out flying for awhile.


Oh no, Jim. I'm sorry. Ouch.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.



OMG, oh wow! get better soon partner!


Cut your thumb? Ouch ouch ouch ouch !!!! Oooh the pain.. Get better soon.


Oh Man.... heal fast....
not sure what's worst.... the prop hit or the stitches after...
Doesn't matter I'm taking a Tylenol for...with you...
My Work??? is so secret....
I Don't even Know what I'm Doing!!!


The stitches were far worse especially when the Dr. says "whoops" as he was putting them in. Sandra thought that was funny. Me not so much.


Hope your thumb is recovering and did not damage the prop too badly.  We will be thinking of you at the field. 



I hope you're healing well.

Thank you for NOT posting images.


Jim you coming early? I am hoping to be at field by 8 am. Just learning to use my iPhone with Forum.
Regards Mike,


Mike,  most of us are showing up at around 10.  I believe Jim is too.  He is just going to watch.

PS - Slow down, you are retired now.


Well as the saying goes, I am doing some freelance and I'll be off the field and on my way to w....k. But at least I will have flown.
See you you! Regards


I just got my stitches removed (ouch). I wouldn't be a good spy. I'd give them everything I knew. They were happy with the healing. They reminded me about earlier surgery I had including stitches to my  tongue for biting it which I had forgotten. Some advantages for short term memory loss it seems.