Update of final winners of Eric's second hobby sale

Started by sihinch, December 20, 2023, 06:37:23 AM

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Update on the items from Eric's second hobby sale: who won what for how much!
AXI motor      5   Colin
Outdoor servos   35   Colin
Brushless ESCs   70   Colin

E-Fair glider      50   Frank
Indoor servos      17   Frank
5 DSM receivers      10   Frank
12 outdoor motors   37   Frank
Hitec servos      27   Frank
12 receivers      60   Frank
Small indoor motors   20   Frank

Large wheels      20   Greg

Little wheels      5   Guy
Cowls, skis and gear   5   Guy
Wooden floats      10   Guy
Case of Props 5-9"   10   Guy

Case of Props 10"    22   Jan

Feather Merch   50   Mark
Fledgling      55   Mark

JR servos      20   Paul Gray
Power 15      45   Paul Gray
Dummy engines   5   Paul Gray
Elec. connectors   20   Paul Gray

Wilga      50   Paul Scuse

Norseman      135   Peter P

Puddle Jumper   27   Simon H

Frank v B


Thanks for handling.  Another fun event.
Still trying to figure out the where the line is between a collector and a hoarder but....   ;)
Remember, a good model airplane collection is always one short.  8)

"Never trade luck for skill"


Here's an idea....

For anyone who's not collected their sale items, I will be at the New Years fun fly on Jan 1st.

I will bring everything to the field/Tim's then for collection and payment.


Thanks Simon
Season's Greetings
I will see you New Year's Day
Have a good one


You never fail until you stop trying


Thanks Simon,
I am currently out of the country at my daughter's, so I won't be able to make the New Year's event.

I will arrange a pick up after I return.

A good Christmas to all,

Paul S