RedEagle Maiden Day a success!!! April 25.

Started by Frank v B, April 25, 2015, 07:01:11 PM

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Frank v B

What a magic day!  The RedEagles went up like homesick angels.  Michael was first up, then Piker.  It was great to see Oscar send his up.  His first self-built airplane... ever.  Then Jack flew his own.  Once I finished building mine (I started covering the wing at midnight last night and attached the stabilizer and fin/rudder at the field at lunch time) it flew at half throttle and flew fine.  Gerald had bad luck and smoked an ESC and motor yesterday and broke most of the hinges on the stab and rudder in the wind today.  His will fly soon and was beautifully built and covered.  His first attempt at building an RC plane from scratch.

Thanks Jack for organizing the build classes and Robert for being the build instructor.

"Never trade luck for skill"


 :) Congrats on the maiden's of the RedEagle's and looking forward to some pics.



Well done to all the builders! They all flew so well.


Mine was the first one up.

It climbed nice, glided great, got into a thermal, dived out, wings didn't break  ;D , slows down real nice, and lands easy.

Photo, just before landing, by Gerald.



Fabulous picture. Love the shadow on the runway.