First Meeting Since 2020

Started by octagon, October 07, 2022, 10:12:10 AM

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It was a fabulous meeting! So great to see everyone and it really energized me for the winter build/repair (and maybe flying!!) season.

@pmackenzie your presentation was brilliant! I loved learning that little bit more about matters I knew nothing about. For me the highlight was your F3P aircraft but loved the whole thing.

And thanks Si for the impromptu heli lesson! They still scare the crap out of me.

Congrats to the board for another "top" year. Can't wait for the 20th anniversary t-shirts!   ;D

Frank v B

Great evening.  Good to see the active members who could make it. 
We sure are desperate to get the flying season going warm weather.

Thanks to Pat for the presentation.  Agree with Simon that it was brilliant.  I started with control line and flew a lot starting in grade 3!  The combat and control line stunter were amazing to see.  Their simple complexity was inspiring.  Pat's shipping boxes showed better workmanship than some of our flying projects.

Thanks to Simon Chapman for his eggbeater presentation.  There are two quotes that come to mind regarding helicopters
- "helicopters do not fly.  The earth rejects them" ;)
- "a helicopter is a bucket of bolts flying in formation" ;D
Simon, you can bring your helicopters to the field any time.  We will just stand back in awe.  You will have the sky all to yourself.  You don't have to be so polite!  8)

Six of us started before the meeting with a dinner at Swiss Chalet.  See photo...taken by Andy.

Photo report:
41- dinner before the meeting with Rob, Pat, Graham (looks like he was still suffering from jet lag after his trip to Japan), George.  Andy was the photographer.
46- Pat starting to assemble his control line stunter.
47- the plane comes apart into a small shipping box.
49- the members
50- more members
51- the official looking guys.  We would not let them sit at our tables. ;)
52- Greg Cadez's mom came to make sure he behaved.  Graham went to check on her.
55- Pat and his indoor RC model.  Weighs less than the weight of the glue we use on an average airplane project.
62- Simon and his Mixmaster.  ;)

Thanks Rob for organizing the evening and the venue.

"Never trade luck for skill"