Reapairing a Yellow Glider

Started by GuyOReilly, February 18, 2024, 01:12:46 PM

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First order of business, add a canopy.
A lot of sanding and shaping, it is starting to look okay.
The canopy is from a Something Extra that met its demise when when Mother Earth called  :-X
A bit more sanding and filling, then paint.
The canopy will be held in place by a peg at the front and perhaps a latch or magnets at the back, unsure yet.

PS: This is the reason I was holding onto that block of balsa from 25-30 years ago.  ;)


Assessing wing damage; many ribs cracked, but spar and trailing edge are intact.
This is one large glider, approximately 3 meters (9 feet).
Radio installed and working properly, needs adjustment on throws.


Wing covering and ribs fixed.
Who needs a class on covering?!?


Ready for Maiden Flight.
This will be on a Hi-Start - Bungee launch as soon as I can coordinate with a trusted helper.  ::)

Frank v B


The McGyvered canopy looks great.  Where, oh where could you find a capable helper? ;D

"Never trade luck for skill"


Very nice Guy!
Good luck on the maiden
You never fail until you stop trying