RedEagle build class Jan 5, 2015

Started by Frank v B, January 04, 2015, 11:05:35 AM

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Frank v B

On Monday (tomorrow) I have been asked to start the build class with the main wing.  (Reminder to self: Build a left and a right wing you idiot! :D )

If you have any questions on the fuse/tail feathers, etc., feel free to ask and we will either answer your question in the build class if it benefits all the players or we will assign a keener to walk you through the answer.

The man guiding this project (Papa) wants to leave the motor installation until more people have chosen and bought their power plant and prop combo.  If you have any options or need guidance on which power plant is better, feel free to ask at this meeting.

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I have all my balsa bits cut out and ready for assembly.  Can't wait to build a wing tonight.  Hmmm....  Maybe I should have wings for dinner to set the theme.


Hi guys, I tried fitting a number of motors and in the process turned the fire wall into something resembling Swiss cheese. rather than fit a new one I reconditioned the existing one. I whittled a piece of hardwood dowel until they were a tight fit. I rolled each dowel in glue and filled the holes. next day I sanded it the whole lot smooth. Now I have a stronger fire wall!

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Great build group last night.  Good times as always.