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Started by piker, October 28, 2014, 02:39:30 PM

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I'll use this thread to notify of any changes to the plans or instructions or some late additions.  This is the first time we're building to this plan set, so some adjustments will be necessary as we go along.

Here are a few that I've come across with my fuselage that I've built so far:

1.  In the instructions I recommend wrapping the motor with three layers of masking tape before rolling the motor tube around it.  This works well as I tried it last night, but it means the F1 circle will likely be a bit too small now.  Just cut the F1 circle a bit on the large size so there material to sand away to make it fit the inside of the tube nicely.  Also, some sanding of the inside circle in F2 will be necessary to fit the tube within.

2.  I recommend taking 1/16" off of each side of F2 (the outside edges, left and right) as the curvature of the fuselage sides was too much.  You can use your judgment as to weather to add 1/4" cross braces at the F3 position or not.

3.  The cross pieces for F5, as shown on the plans, are too long.  They should be the same length as the bottom cross piece on F4

4.  The left wing core at the LE is a bit thicker than the right side.  This isn't a real problem if left as is, but you may want to sand the foam a little before sheeting to match them up a bit better

That's it for now!


O.K. There's something else I noticed when I was building my 3rd and 4th fuselage last night. 

The front wing mounting plate (and the rear probably) is a little too wide.  It's not a big deal as it doesn't effect the function in any way.  Just something that should be adjusted a bit.

If you'd like to fine tune this piece, just remove 1/32" from each side of the 1/8" ply piece (to compensate for the 1/32" doubler).

Also, I noticed on the plans that the rear wing hold down plate (in the fuselage) is referred to as 1/16" ply when it's actually 1/8" ply.  Add this piece in after the fuselage is assembled.  Some sanding of the ends of the piece will be required for a good fit.

This is what happens when I rush the plan drawing a few days before the meeting  ;D