TEMAC Tickler - May 1, 2022

Started by Michael, May 01, 2022, 12:07:57 PM

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Spring Flying is Here!

This Tickler/email is a timely and pleasant reminder of some news, and some of the rules and etiquette we follow at the field. Our club is growing with many new members and lots of flying activity.

- All pilots must be TEMAC and MAAC members in good standing for 2022.

- Flight training starts Wednesday, May 4, from 5 pm until sundown. Our Chief Flight Instructor, Frank, says members are free to fly, but students take priority. Please be cautious and courteous.

- During regular flying times, there is a maximum of 5 members flying at a time.

- The tables are for preparing your model immediately before and immediately after flight, only. Please do not use these tables as your own personal spot, or to store your equipment while at the field.

- All flight intentions should be called out loud enough for other flyers to hear: taxiing out, taxiing in, taking off, landing, on-the field, off-the-field, etc.

- All takeoffs, launches, and landings are either north or south, depending on the prevailing wind direction. All pilots must fly the circuit pattern (north with right hand turns; south with left hand turns), unless you are flying with no other models in the air.

- Smoking only in the parking area.

- Do not leave any garbage at the field.

- COVID protocols remain at the field. Please social distance, or ask permission to stand close to people, or to touch their property, etc. Be polite and proceed gently.

- The runway may be wet and subject to damage. Please stay off the runway if the ground is wet or soft.

I look forward to seeing you all at the field!

Michael Rogozinsky
President, TEMAC