Bill's Skywriter...err Pitts Python? Build...

Started by Wingnutz, December 09, 2014, 11:19:40 AM

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Looking great Billy.  The sky will a mass of beautiful multi-winged planes this summer. Each of the skywriters have their own character.


That looks fantastic Bill. Congratulations! What a unique build. It looks awesome.


A final footnote to my Skywriter build
1. The model survived a complete radio failure and ensuing crash. Happened at another club field where I now refuse to fly DSM2.
After losing radio control, my Skywriter went into a freshly plowed field and inspite of some earlier posts about the fragility of my fuselage construction, tail feathers built out of sheet depron and AUW a half pound lighter than some build class Skywriters, fuse, wings and empennage survived struturally intact. Nine of the ten hard points connecting the wings to the fuse tore away and some of the covering tore...
2. The model was re-built for TEMAC's Fun Fly and with a new DSMx rx flew reliably at the Fun Fly, renewing its builder's faith in a build, fly, crash cycle rather than a buy, fly, crash cycle. :)
I'd really like to finish the Pitts Python look with wheel pants but can't find suitable off the shelf wheel pants...suggestions?