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Started by Michael, December 05, 2021, 01:07:52 PM

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What's Happening at TEMAC?

The 2022-2023 executive board for TEMAC has been elected/acclaimed. Left to right: David Kates as vice president, Rob Dickinson as special events coordinator, Mark Satin newly elected as secretary-treasurer, Frank Van Beurden has been appointed as chief flight instructor, and I remain as President. Our main goal is to continue keeping the TEMAC field as a great place to fly our model airplanes with our friends.

We have just confirmed our land lease for 2022, so we know we have our flying field for at least another year! Yay!

We remind our members that the field remains open all year round, so enjoy yourselves, but continue to be safe, and follow our ongoing COVID protocols (social distancing, masks in close contact situations, no organized activities, etc.)

Membership dues for the 2022 calendar year are coming due. Your 2021 membership will be good until the end of January 2022, however, you can renew anytime after December 12, 2021, by e-transfer. Send payment ($80 renewal) to:       [email protected]

Cheers to everybody,   Michael, TEMAC President



Congratulations and thanks to all those who have taken on or retained Board positions this year.  Happy Holidays to all and I hope to see you sometime soon.