TEMAC Tickler - March 2022

Started by Michael, March 11, 2022, 10:38:22 PM

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Spring is coming!

Soon the snow will be gone, and then we'll be flying on nice dry ground and green grass. Of course, before that happens, there'll be mud, mess, wet spots, and repairs needed to the field. Please be careful.

In anticipation of the better weather flying, and with relaxed COVID restrictions, TEMAC is preparing for the fun!

- Although there will be eased/relaxed (not completely though) COVID protocols for Ontario, this doesn't really affect flying at the field, since we've already been flying for a while. Please, although things are getting better, it's probably a good idea to ask permission to stand close to people, to touch their property, etc. Be polite and proceed gently.

- The runway is wet and subject to damage. Please stay off the runway until the ground is dry and hard.

- We will have a 'field clean-up day' sometime in mid-April to early-May, depending on weather. Beforehand, we will ask for volunteers. The 'clean-up' usually starts in the morning (we'll have coffee and donuts), and we're usually flying by mid-day.

- Instead of starting off with formal funflys, we'll host a few simple barbecues, starting in late May. There will likely be some COVID protocols, such as only one or two selected people handling the food.

- Flight training starts Wednesday, May 4, from 5 pm until sundown. Our Chief Flight Instructor, Frank, says members are free to fly, but students take priority. Please be cautious and courteous.

- We'll have a formal annual funfly and BBQ in late August/early Sept., followed by an annual Skills Day Competition, late Sept.

- By late summer, we`ll formulate a plan for Fall 2022 – Winter 2023 indoor meetings.

I look forward to seeing you all at the field!

Michael Rogozinsky
President, TEMAC