Started by Gregor77, March 23, 2024, 10:06:45 AM

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Running out of room and a few changes at home!

Selling a V2 (not sure) FMS corsair 1700mm, this is Andre from Toronto clubs WW2 Corsair (i bought his stuff when he changed hobbies).  I had full intentions of using it, but life and work are getting in the way.  Would like to have someone enjoy it.

Specs (but can't confirm)
-upgraded motor
-upgraded ESC
-upgraded retracts from the plastic to metal
-bendini sound system (awesome has start up and full throttle noise)
-bomb drop system with gas tanks and two bombs
-detailed engine cover
-weathered and painted fuse and wings
-AR8000 with tel and sat etc
-spare parts

Its in great shape, but a few dings in the foam, but makes it look better.  Plane has been flown many times and is a legend at Toronto club and Temac at the fun flies.  There is an ad on Facebook Market place running for it.

Sadly it must go! 

Looking for $500 or close to that.