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Started by bfeist, April 27, 2013, 08:19:23 PM

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Hi everyone,
Welcome to the Member Introductions forum section. The idea here is that everyone from beginners to veterans write a little post about themselves. This will help everyone to get to know each other and will hopefully help new members to learn about all of us so they won't be shy to join in.

Please take the time to introduce yourself, especially the beginners! I'd love to see everyone represented here some day.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or post comments about this idea in this thread.



Hey - just wondering if some of our newer members would like to share something about why they've joined the club, or why they are interested in RC Flying.

I guarentee that it will cause more chatting and socialising at the field, because I'm sure that 2 or 3 other members will share a common passion or defining reason for our love of the hobby.

Come on, tell us about yourselves!  :)


Can I post my story even though I am currently not a member?


"I'm disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious?"


Great idea Simon!

As I'm mostly at the field in the mornings, I do find that I meet new faces when I attend in the afternoon/evening, so to that end...

Roger Mason
Old fart, short, fat and grey hair, funny accent

- DeHavilland Aircraft Company (Hatfield, UK),
Firestreak & Red Top Guided weapons dept.,  (see Firestreak mounted on side of EE Lightning in photo)
TRACE Automatic Test Equipment for commercial Airliners and European Satellite Launcher

- Emigrated to Canada

- Air Canada Avionics Dept - DC8 & DC9 maintenance

- Ontario Science Centre - exhibit design

- DuraGRIT Carbide Sanding Tools, co-founder and still active.

Learned to fly RC - Ably taught by Simon Hinchcliffe, Bruce Weaver & Frank de Buren ( many thanks gentlemen)
Have enjoyed TEMAC for about 8 years now.  'Graduated' to Morning Crew when I got old, retired and was allowed out in the mornings instead of going to work.

Love TEMAC.  Miss evening winter Pilot Meetings at Col. Mustard's pub during winter months, which ceased as a result of Covid.

RC Aircraft:
Spitfire Mk IX
DH 100 Vampire (EDF)
T28 Trojan (w retracts/flaps)
DHC 2 Beaver
MkI Hawker Hurricane
...and not forgetting the loyal old
Apprentice, upon which I cut my teeth!

That's me in a nutshell. 
Oh, I had the good fortune to go to Biggin Hill in 2019 and Fly a MkIX Spitfire that was the steed of P/O Sid Bregman, RCAF in 1944 (Ask Frank de Buren about Sid). I thoroughly recommend it!  A wonderful 'bucket list' experience. 
Look forward to seeing your posts and meeting you at the field next season?

Spitfire flight (video 20 min)

'Roger That...'


Apologies to Frank!  I have no idea how I misspelled your name?  Auto correct maybe?   We all know it should be Sir Frank de Beurden !!
'Roger That...'