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Started by bfeist, August 26, 2013, 11:06:29 AM

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I've been ordering 3s 2200 from Action hobbies in Kingsville Ont ("Just Lipo" brand) and they seem to work great.  They cost $19.99 CAD and they have a flat rate shipping fee of $5 for order of $75 (its like $8 if you don't have a big order).  On my last order I received shipment in 2 days.   I've got 6 of them now and no issues at all.  Here is the URL if anyone is interested:


Hi Oscar,

I'm new in this hobby and looking to buy some good batteries for an affordable price.

I checked out the admiral batteries and seems they have pretty good reviews.
Wondering if you could share any experience using the Admiral 4S 2200 35C.


I found them quite reliable.  You won't disappointed.


In searching for my next A-10, on RCCanada I came across this less known online hobby shop in ShenZhen, China.

After long browsing, comparing couple jets that i'm very interested,  I found that their pricing are perhaps the best, even with EMS shipping (suppose to the door or postal outlet). 

The website is not the best, they carry EMS, FreeWing, Dynam, LX, FlyFly and much more. You can find turbine and gas engine too if you decide to venture into those!

If you have something in mind for 2018, check out their site

They take PayPal and Western Unit which I never used.  Personally I preferred PayPal than credit card because of getting more buyer protection through PayPal if there is any dispute.  I will update you how it turn out on my first order soon. ;D


Check this one out if you are looking for a new jet.

For US$172 plus $59 shipping, I believe it is still better than any online shop.

Let me know if you find this one lower before I order for this season.



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