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Started by Palkina, August 15, 2019, 06:58:46 PM

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My first experience as a child FPV pilot was learned when riding sitting on top of a skateboard on a very narrow path with a pretty good inclination and propelled by the push from a fast sprint at my home village in Colombia.

It also turned out to be my first building experience as the skateboard had to be made with 3 roller bearings. These were very funny times I can't forget as some scars are still with me.   ;)

I got into the RC hobby by coincidence while researching Arduino based projects in 2014. After following an Open Source radio transmitter project based on Arduino it landed me into the FPV and quad frenzy world.

I joined TEMAC in 2015 and started flying in 2016. I learned that the time-space curves towards the earth most of the time - proper and other's experience taught that there are times when the Sun gravity takes precedence - when your fingers not move fast or too fast or good enough in un-expected direction. 8)

After getting my wings with the help of so many friends in TEMAC, I continue learning that the same law applies when not paying enough attention to the pre-flight checks or to the nuances of balancing your dexterity and flight characteristics of each aircraft.  ???

I am currently trying to improve my flying skills and to reduce my rate of foam, balsa, plastic/carbon fiber planting on the field.   ;D

I enjoy flying LOS, FPV and building/adapting flying artifacts (fixed wings and fixed rotors) and sometimes repairing these when the crash can be properly explained and focused on the automation part of the hobby.

My mantra is to have fun while keeping safety as a first priority.  :)


Fabulous story Carlos, thanks for sharing it.


Yes great Introduction. 

We all share a scar or two resulting from our hobbies or personal interests.  The important point you made is that you progressed and succeeded.

Thanks for joining our flying instruction team.  Your experiences and knowledge will definitely be an asset.  Your skills and knowledge at approaching the problem presented last night were the topping on the cake.  You passed.  And if you believe it was a test, it wasn't.  Your contributions as an active club member benefit us all. 

Bruce (CFI)