Chris Fernando - TEMAC 326

Started by SeeFernando, March 16, 2019, 10:17:03 PM

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Sup Y'all!

I'm so excited to hang out with you kids at TEMAC!  I think I need to pay the piper for 2019... ::)

I've always loved flight! One of my earliest memories is playing with a die cast 747, which "flew" many times, followed by my mother yelling at me for throwing toys across the living room... I was always reading books about jets and flight and model magazines! I'd spend hours in the library dreaming about being a pilot.

I didn't have access to true hobby parts or planes while growing up, so I started trying to build my own model fixed wing and helis, with house hold items (read as the family VCR and printer for motors and gears... :-X)  While these never truly flew I loved the hobby!

Then in 2008/9 I found the amazing site DealExtreme!  I bought my first fixed pitch heli to fly in the house!  Exciting!  It didn't work... The receiver didn't work.  Regardless over the year I bought many cheap heli's to fly (and wreck) in the basement, but I knew I wanted to fly fixed wing in the great outdoors!

Fast forward through University, starting my career and getting married, I bought my first fixed wing from ali express, a 10" 3ch 1s cub.  It was awesome! Till the winds picked up and I realised I should check out what the rules were around this hobby...

Then I found TEMAC!  I showed up to a pilots meeting and the next day I went to Pinnacle to buy my Apprentice!  In a short time Bruce and Team had me flying safely and with Wings!

While work always seems to get in the way, I really love the hobby and hope to log many hours on the variety of planes I've started collecting!



Great story Chris. Look forward to flying with you this summer. Won't be long now!
What could possibly go wrong?