TEMAC May 2 2024

Started by davidk, May 02, 2024, 09:20:58 PM

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Low north winds, blue skies, and warm today.  A tiny bit west at times, but so low only planes with giant foam ordnance had problems.
Kenny's brand new FMS P-47 (10 years old) had a great maiden flight.  Weight was needed in the nose and it all went well.  Then Kenny added 3 giant bombs and whatever tiny bit of wind there was push that poor plane all over the sky.  Then one fell off and Kenny had to trek to get it back.
Off came the foam and in went a 5000mAh 4S... and it flew perfectly.  The P-47 manual suggested a 2200 4S... no chance.

I re-maidened my PlanePrint 3D printed Super Tucano.  On its first flight last year it took off like a dream and flew beautifully.  The landing saw one main gear twist, a wing dug in, both wings broke at the seams and the whole nose section came off.  The landing gear on printed planes needs to be beefed up.  I glued everything back together and used threaded inserts on newly printed main gear.  These are solid.  I was walking the plane down to the main floor this morning and, as usual, wacked the elevator on the banister.  Of course, the entire tail cracked off.  PLA is not a good material for planes.  I glue it back on, taped it, and tried not to wrack it up any more getting it to the field.

It flies so well.  Smooth take off, a dream in the air, and it survived both flights and landings... no repairs.  So happy to take it home in one piece.


Looks like you guys had a nice day!


Members may also want to checkout the TEMAC Facebook page as I uploaded 3 videos of Alex's plane including a great landing.


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