TEMAC Driveway Gravel

Started by davidk, May 18, 2024, 10:51:12 AM

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Our driveway is going to be re-graveled on Tuesday May 21 around 11am.

We are getting 2 full loads of gravel spread by a slinger truck.

The slinger truck driver directs the gravel to where it's needed and in keeping with TEMAC, it's done by remote control.

Once the first load is done, the driver will leave to collect the 2nd load and come back.

Expect difficulty getting in or out of TEMAC while this is going on.

Sorry for any inconvenience while our re-graveling takes place.


Dan painted our driveway today and did a great job.  While the gravel settles, try to drive slowly so the gravel compacts and as to not create any ruts.  That's 2 full loads of 3/4 crush limestone.  Love that slinger truck... didn't have to even think about picking up a shovel.


Thanks so much David! It's greatly appreciated.