Sunday flying- May 19. A beautiful day.

Started by Frank v B, May 19, 2024, 05:05:29 PM

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Frank v B

almost a perfect day.  No screaming winds, no cross wind.  What little wind there was, was down the runway from the south.

Simon C., Michael, Mark, David, Paul G., Noah, Cadez, Rob D., Ryan and George had a great time flying.  Long time member and friend Don Duthie dropped by with his wife Rosie.  Great to see them.

Photo report:
11- Ryan with his screaming flying wing.
13- Paul Gray after the maiden of his new stick.  All smiles.
16- Michael holding his truckload of shaped foam.
19- David assembling his leaf blower.
25- Stuart and Noah soaking up the sun.
27- Simon C. between flights
28- George with his powered glider.

"Never trade luck for skill"


You never fail until you stop trying


George, Mark, Rob, David and I flew jets together (5 jets). That's the first time I can remember 5 jets flying at the same time.