Flying, Sunday May 26, Rogo Field

Started by Frank v B, May 26, 2024, 05:37:06 PM

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Frank v B

What a beautiful day.  Cool in the morning when Greg and Jeff flew before I arrived.
Then Michael and Mark brought the sun.  Adam Maas was there as were Peter, George, Paul G., Noah, and David

Photo report:
73- Mark before the maiden of his new-old Corsair.  Flew nicely.
80- Michael before climbing aboard his Tiger Moth.
82- Michael and his twin jet.
83- Paul before the maiden of his new .46 size plane.  Flew well.  Trimmed fine.
87- Adam after the walk of shame.  It was a gravity matter.
88- Peter assembling his miniature aircraft.
91- Noah and Stuart setting up their leaf blower.
93- Adam after his second flight.
"Never trade luck for skill"


Solved the gyro :D

Leaf blower will be ready to maiden next time I get out



Great day today.
The wind kept gusting up and down, but still got a bunch of good flights in.
Lots O'fun
You never fail until you stop trying


I knew you would figure it out Noah!
You never fail until you stop trying


The quarter scales