2 3D printed planes maidened

Started by Michael, June 01, 2024, 06:44:53 PM

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David successfully maidened (and had second flights) 2 beautiful airplanes today. First was a Bronco, 55 inch wingspan (sitting on the runway with my 55 inch Freewing Bronco), and a twin motored V-tail model called a Pathfinder, approx 73 inch wingspan. Both flew well and landed nicely.



The planes look fantastic in the air!
Congratulations on successful Maiden Flights.


They flew beautifully - congratulations Dave!
You never fail until you stop trying

Frank v B

Dave, congratulations. 
You've come a long way from Day 1 when you showed up with that motorized pizza box with bamboo skewers pretending to be an RC model airplane*.  ;D


* FliteTest Cub
"Never trade luck for skill"