Flying Monday June 3- beautiful day.

Started by Frank v B, June 03, 2024, 10:39:10 PM

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Frank v B

Dropped by the field for a couple of flights.

- Andy and I flew our E-Flite DHC Beaver models (25 size) after the re-builds.  Last year we took this photo (2561)
before our flights and promptly buried the nose on the flights after the photo was taken. Both planes cracked the motor boxes and popped the fibreglass cowl.  Photo 5862 was taken today before we both flew safely at the same time.  Both planes came down in as many pieces as they took off.
- Mark re-maidened his balsa Skywriter bipe with all new radio equipment.  It needed a lot of trimming but flew fine (hand-off) once the trims were done.
- photo 5867 was of David, probably after making a multi-million dollar financial transaction... or not.

In attendance were David, Michael, Paul G., Victor, Kenny, George, Mark, Andy and Alex.


"Never trade luck for skill"

Andy Hoffer

An astute observer will notice that Frank and I wore the same Beaver flying suits on both occasions.  We always like to look our best when on stage. And why spend money on new clothes when  we can spend it on props, plywood, balsa and glue!!