Pizza lunch is a "go" on Sunday, so far ...

Started by Frank v B, August 19, 2022, 05:15:53 PM

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Frank v B

If the weather is good, fair, medium. so-so, slightly or intermittently wet, we will have the pizza day. If there is significant rain and threats of lightning, we will have no choice but to cancel/postpone.

A decision will be made by the board on Saturday afternoon/evening - Sunday morning.

Continue monitoring this thread ....


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Gerald Danen

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Plain; pepperoni; veggie, and something else. I don't remember.




Let's meet at the field around 10 am, with the raffle prizes, auction stuff etc., and hope for the best.

If it's not too bad, We'll order the pizza for noon.

If it's really bad, we'll cancel/postpone.

See you guys tomorrow!



Frank v B

"Never trade luck for skill"


The weather has cleared for this morning... thank you Flying Gods.

Our day is on, flying is on, pizza is on.

Yay!  :D

Frank v B

Wow, that was a memorable day.  At one point I counted 34 people at the field.  We had at least 25 members or visitors fly a model airplane during the event that ended with the prize draws at 2:15.  At least 5 people flew afterwards when I was leaving.

Thanks to guest Paul Hepworth for his noon-time display.  Impressive.
Thanks to Temac member Simon Chapman for his electric eggbeater flying display (helicopter).
Thanks to the Board for the pizza lunch.
Thanks to Gordon W-B, Brian and Roger Mason for donating the auction items.
Thanks to whoever was responsible for keeping the rain away.  Yes, everyone can take claim to that!


Some photos:
87- Guy and his Spitfire.  We are still trying to work out the bugs.
89- Philip donating two watermelons for the event.
90- The insides of Paul's plane.  Brought to you by Ontario Hydro. ;)
91- Paul assembling his plane.  My Pitts sits on the cowl.
95- Issy flying his 2.4 meter power glider.
96- Sophia Cadez concentrating on more important things.
97- Greg and his mother.
98- Oscar landed his plane into BJ's wind sock pole and it bounced back.  Oscar could not repeat that trick if he tried.  ;D

"Never trade luck for skill"


Fantastic day!

Lots of great flying; easily over 45 people, maybe more than 50 over the day.

Thanks also to Brian Michez for donating to the auction.

More photos coming .......


Great fun event!!
Thank you to the organizers and the Board.

I lost a Dura Grit Mushroom sanding disk.
This was inside my transmitter box and I must have somehow dropped it when removing my transmitter.
Should anyone find it, please let me know and I will arrange for pickup.
Thank you.


Thanks to Frank, Michael, David, Mark (and any others I may not be aware of) who organised such an enjoyable day. My wife, mother and father in law enjoyed the spectacle- and know now where I disapear to now and then!




Frank v B

Boy, did we ever dodge a bullet.  8)
A customer sent me this picture of her street (Kew Beach Ave, Woodbine and the lake) taken yesterday.
There was a front yard, a sidewalk and a road.

"Never trade luck for skill"

Frank v B

A classy move.

I contacted Frank Crognale after the funfly to let him know he won a $30 gift certificate from John's Hobbies.  John's Hobbies is at Danfiorth and Woodbine in Toronto.  Frank lives south of Alliston.  He flies with the Beeton Flyers.

When I thanked him for participating in our Funfly and for standing beside 10 year-old Issy for 3 flights, he replied:

"First of all, I appreciate having had the ability to participate in your fun fly. I had a good time. 
Regarding the $30 gift certificate. I'd really appreciate it if you would give it to Izzy. I'm sure he could use it a lot more than me". 


- Franks union meeting.  Frank Crognale on the left.  Note: Frank C and I have flown together for over 20 years.
- Issy at the sticks during our funfly
- The gift certificate from John's Hobbies. It now belongs to Issy.  I will get it to him.
"Never trade luck for skill"