Aug 21 Non-Funfly photos 2

Started by Frank v B, August 26, 2022, 09:18:41 PM

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Frank v B

More of Andy's photo:

061- Talk about measured distancing.  Six feet two inch spacing.
063- "Just one more thing..."
066- Colin and his two sons Kyle and CJ
067- Jim Spence trying to figure out how to bring a(nother) plane home.
069- George trying for the fifth time to retire.
070- Jan enjoyed the visit.
076- Paul Hepworth prepping for the noon-time display.  The Pitts on the cowl is 14" span, about half the size of Paul's prop.
079- Greg Cadez and his favourite model.
081- David K and Michael flying their twin engined flying boat (Widgeon).
083- Simon Chapman brought his in-laws.
084- David and Michael co-ordinating their flight mistakes manoeuvres with their Widgeons.
085- ...patiently waiting his turn.
088- William and his grandson Joseph.
089- Oscar had a great time.
079- Greg Cadez and his favourite model.
092- Glenn- another day in paradise.
033- by far the most natural flyer at the funfly.

"Never trade luck for skill"