Aug 21- Non-Funfly photos 3

Started by Frank v B, August 26, 2022, 09:49:59 PM

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Frank v B

More of Andy's photos:
091- Issy, his grandfather Sergiu and an instructor dude before a flight.
093- Carlos
094- Gord payne
095- Oscar and his plane.
099 Glenn coming in for a landing.
119- Paul hovering his plane.  We do it seconds before we crash.  Paul does it on purpose.
136- Simon Chapman.  His heli defies the laws of gravity.... because he did not study law.
143- BJ
144- My 14" span Pitts.  It flew well once it got off the ground.
152- Simon dropped by.
161- John A. trying to out-Andy Andy in the photography department.
164- Auction in mid stride.
177- models packed for the way home.
148- Alien life the form of Oscar.

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