Everything Must Go - Retiring from RC Flying

Started by bweaver, June 18, 2023, 05:38:47 PM

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When other members of the morning crew review the post of Athol Cohen's, like myself you will have fond memories of the good times we have shared in the morning crew and at other gatherings.

You are and were a valued participating member in the morning crew and for that matter the TEMAC club. 

You have been a member of TEMAC participating on the executive of the club and as an instructor.  You have helped many students and pilots both young and old with learning to fly, enhance their skills and assist with their aircraft in the air and on the ground.  Along with others you have hosted the most enjoyable BBQs.  You have stepped forward to participate fully and competently as our representative with MAAC as our zone director. 

Nothing will take away the fun and good times you have shared with us.

As a member of the morning crew we will miss flying with you, however your company as always will continue to be valued by everyone in our group in the future...