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Started by Canuke, July 07, 2023, 01:46:42 PM

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I was building another FT Baron and bought a couple of foam boards at Dollarama . They are now $4 a sheet but have a clear plastic covering top and bottom. One side is very shiny, the other side less so. They are a bit more difficult to work with because of the covering. I finished the plane yesterday and took it to the field today. They are much stronger and fly much better with both the 3 or 4 cell batteries. It was bit windy from the north but I put 8 to 10 flights on 1 plane and it still looks and flies like new. They really are my favourite plane. If you want to try out the new foam boards I think you will like the difference they make. I am presently building a FT Edge with the new boards, I'll see how it flies.


If you drop by the Mighty Dollar in the same plaza as the Home Depot at Elgin Mills and Leslie you can get the Adams Readi-Board. That is the same company that makes the Flite Test foam board.



Is there a "Mighty Dollar" on the east side of the complex? Ie in the costco side? 

I went to the Home Depot side just now and there's only a Dollarama and they only sell the plastic coated dry-erase foam boards. If anyone knows of a place that sells the paper coated standard flite test type board, I'd appreciate hearing where there's a store.


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I spoke too soon. I went to the Mighty Dollar and bought tons of foam board then recommended it to you guys. After a Home Depot run I noticed Mighty Dollar was bought out and replaced with a Dollarama selling their crappy grade stuff. Never fear I have re-sourced Adams Readi-board and it is available at Dollar Tree at Elgin Mills and Younge. I have bought a substantial supply and started producing planes on the Ylab laser.


Thanks for the update. I'll definitely check out the Yonge location.
Old Buttonville proverb,"If you have to hit the fence, hit the far fence, not the near fence."