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Started by octagon, June 17, 2014, 12:34:07 AM

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Hi everyone.
I am Rob Dickinson, and member number 226. I was fortunate as a kid to have a stepfather who had worked for De Havilands test flying Mosquitos in WW2. He came away with a love of anything that flew. For Christmas when I was 12, I got, as my big present, a Cox Stuka dive bomber with an 0.49. We started it on top of the freezer Christmas day, much to the consternation of my mother. Come spring, we took it to a local field, where it made about 1/2 a circuit, before not pulling out of a nose dive, and breaking a wing. Luckily, my step father was also a talented model builder, and so before long we had a built up Piper tri pacer to fly. Long story short, over the next 4 or 5 years he must have built at least 50 planes for me to fly. Still have a Stearman with a diesel motor hanging in the basement. Anyway, I credit that with me having a life long interest in anything that flies.
My first attempt at rc was in grade 12. I built this neat little low wing monoplane with a galloping ghost, pulse transmitter. Next, went on to a Falcon 56 from Goldberg, but the radio was a Heathkit, with servos about the size of a pack of smokes! The only way to get the aileron servo in was to cut a bit out of the main spar. Took it to the  field that used to be at Steeles and Keele. Everything looked good on the maiden, until I pulled up into the wind about 300 feet up. The wing cracked and then folded. It was like a Bomark missle coming down. Nothing left, and I never did find 1/2 of the wing. Anyway, life moves on, was and air traffic controller for a few years, got out of that and got back to flying sailplanes. Got pretty good at that, but hard on the neck muscles. Kids came along, and all of a sudden it was not important for me to be at the sod farm as much. I still loved planes, but priorities dictated money should be spent for food and diapers and all that.
The kids are raised, and I started to think about a hobby. I learned to fly at King City airport in the late 60's on a Champ (CF-DND), but I had never tried a sailplane. Was going to do that when I was informed that those guys are at the field all weekend. I run a business and cannot be away as much as I would like, so that was not going to work. My Daughter lives in Stouffville and told me that she had seen a model field on the Stouffville road. 
I talked to Ron at Pinnacle and he said the Apprentice was the way to go. I had purchased a Hobbyzone Champ on a whim and had been flying it in the soccer field close to my house. I showed up at the field on a Saturday with my new Apprentice in tow. I was lucky to have Bobby, Ed and Simon present, and able and willing to give me their time to let me fly the plane.
Since then, I have been getting out on Wednesdays and Sundays as much as I can, to practice. I am extremely happy to have found a club with senior members helping newcomers so much. Greg H has taken me under his wing and helped me re-master flying, but Mike,  Mike, Simon and Greg have all instructed and helped me, and I am thankful to all of them. Jack has added his expertise, and I am trying to follow it. (cleared to land, bounce, cleared to land, bounce, cleared to land.)Trying Jack, really I am.
I think TEMAC is a great club. I like the field, the "paved" runway, and am grateful for all the help in getting back into this crazy sport. Things have changed so much since I last did this. It is almost like I am doing it for the first time, but with great help and support.
Thanks Guys.

What could possibly go wrong?