Three Skywriters flew today!!! Yeah!

Started by Frank v B, May 09, 2015, 09:43:14 PM

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Frank v B

There were 3 Skywriter maidens today and all three flew well.  Nice sunny weather, windy and gusty (approx 25 km/h plus) mostly from the south.

We elected to have Michael, our fearless leader and first finisher of the model, do the first maiden.  It took off fine, flew fine and landed well after about 5 circuits.
Next was mine with the 8 track radio in it.  It appeared to have more power than Michael's (not by design) and flew fine with minimal throws.  Did about 4 circuits and landed in one piece.
Last up was Simon- his usual Mor-Power set-up.  It was hit by a gust at take-off and leapt off the runway earlier than he/we had hoped but he got it under control quickly.  On touch-down he lost his landing gear (nylon bolts sheared off on touch-down) and took off again.  Skidded to a nice controlled runway landing.

All under the watchful eyes of Mr. Higgins.

A great day.


ps.  Just did a reading.  My motor/prop combo draws 26 amps and produces 390 watts on 4 cells.  Would like to aim for 450 watts by using a different prop.  On another plane, this motor produced 450 watts with a 10 x 10 prop on 4 cells.
"Never trade luck for skill"


Correction...four flew on Saturday but mine didn't fly until 5:00 o'clock. At the scheduled maiden time, I was still building!  :D  No video but Glenn was there and clapped!