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Started by sihinch, March 16, 2022, 10:02:14 AM

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To Whom It May Concern.....

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to apply for a position with the morning crew, please.  I have heard great things about you and hear you always enjoy a good lunch and tend to laugh off a crash.  I promise that I too usually laugh at my crashes (it's cathartic) and do enjoy a nice salad.  I have heard from others that I am a fun person, but that could be rubbish!

Anyway, I will have lots of free time after March 25th 2022 and would like to fly with the sun in my eyes.  I am especially looking forward to waking up and seeing if the weather is nice and then decided whether to fly or not.

I can be contacted here, on this message in the forum.  Would you please let me know if I need any special t-shirts, shoes or glasses to join.  I draw the line at building flite test models, though!

Best wishes,
A relatively spritely, Simon

;D ;D


 :o ;D ;D ;D :) Welcome...  You can wear sunglasses or just remember where the sun is situated in the sky before taking off.  Keep your eyes on your plane and don't look at the sun or elsewhere.  Also, consider if you attend the field at around the same time each morning, the sun should be very close to being in the same place it was on previous days.

Snickering not allowed, belly laughs only.

Frank v B


At your age you would have to apply for a junior membership.
Bruce may require you to wear sandals. ;)

Be prepared to work overtime on Wednesdays when flying with the morning crew and then attending instruction night.  We may have to pay you overtime*. ;) ;D


* twice nothing!

"Never trade luck for skill"


Simon, I tried to ignore your comments but wasn't able to. I have flown RC for several years ( glow, gas and electric).  I have flown many different planes from homemade to factory and my current favourite is the Flight Test Bloody Baron.  It is in my car at all times. The morning crew is a group of mostly retired seniors. We are not the best flyers in the club. Some are still learning and fly trainers. Up until this year, we have had fun flying combat with dollar store half inch foam board war wings. This year, we are talking about flying the bloody barons in combat. I wonder what your thoughts are on these planes?  It looks like you'll be joining us in the morning. It's going to be an interesting time.


Hi Jim,

I was being a little sarcastic, certainly tongue in cheek.  I've seen the Flite Test planes built and also seen them fly very well.  I bought a kit a few years ago and was very disappointed with it.  The board was all warped and didn't score well.  It was probably just a one-off, but for me, it didn't work out how I'd hoped and it put me off them.  Maybe I just need to find a used, built one!!!!

Looking forward to being able to fly when I want......



I've never built one of their kits. I've always just downloaded their plans and copied them onto the foam board and cut out my own. I never had that problem. That way, however they turn out, is because of your own ability. If  I do make a mistake, it is easily corrected. The ones we will be flying this year, I believe, I made them all. The flyers just provided the board or the money to make them.


As I've done in other threads, this is a friendly reminder that you guys should check/verify that your 2022 membership is up to date (MAAC also).


Thanks, I looked at my membership cards and can only find a MAAC for this year and not a TEMAC card. I'll check with my wife (the accountant) tomorrow and make sure we get paid up if we haven't.