2019 Board Reports, Financial Statement, and 2018 AGM Minutes.

Started by Michael, December 01, 2019, 10:17:56 AM

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President's Report

TEMAC President's Report 2019.

I was appointed TEMAC president mid-term (December 2018), as Simon Hinchcliffe stepped down due to personal reasons. I maintained a relatively low profile as compared to Simon, yet the season was fun and busy. All of our events were well attended, and I recall no serious problems. We did see increased activity and membership participation at the field, partly due to a number of new members from other clubs that were experiencing field issues.

Our flight instruction program was very successful producing several new very good flyers. Thank you Bruce Weaver.

I am still troubled by one reported incident where a pilot improperly launched a model airplane, and then an obscenity was yelled at the person warning the pilot. This type of behaviour is simply not acceptable in our club, and future infractions of club rules and poor courtesy may result in the loss of membership privileges.

I offer sincere thanks to all those who have assisted me, and have participated in any leadership roles.

Michael Rogozinsky
TEMAC President


TEMAC 2019 Treasurer's Report  -  Dec 4, 2019

TEMAC remains in good financial condition.  The Board continued to pursue prudent management of TEMAC finances, spending on important things, but staying within our fiscal means.  Revenues exceeded expenditures by $1,582.72 due to the limited need for significant infrastructure improvements this year and as a result of revenues from the auction of RC equipment  so kindly donated to TEMAC by several of our local hobby shops.  Spring and fall maintenance by energetic volunteers, under the careful stewardship of Graham McNicol, went a long way to preserving the condition of our facility which continues to meet the needs of our membership. 

We had more than adequate funds to cover our operating expenses, and of course, food, prizes and awards for our fun fly events.  Our cash on hand at Dec 4, 2019 was $15,138.13.  We have been able to maintain the fee structure implemented in 2013 and the Board has determined that no increase in membership dues is required for 2020.  Full membership renewals remain at $80. The complete fee structure is available on the TEMAC website.

TEMAC experienced an eight percent increase in membership in 2019 vs 2018. Our overall membership now stands at 120 (up from 111 in 2018), comprising 105 full members (up by 9 from 2018), 9 junior members (up by 1 from 2018), 3 non-flying members (down by 2 from 2018), and 3 life members, making TEMAC the largest club in the SE Zone of MAAC.  Our revenue stream has remained adequate to meet our financial requirements, and our field resources (parking, assembly tables, and airspace availability), judiciously and assiduously maintained by Graham McNicol, continue to meet the needs of our membership. 

Looking to 2019, given our positive cash situation over the year, we look forward to maintaining our facilities in good condition with modest improvements, and we are pleased to continue to offer our members unlimited use of our fragrant world class Loo with no admission or processing charge.

Our web site, created and maintained by our extraordinary webmaster, Ben Feist, remains a vibrant communications and discussion vehicle for the entire TEMAC membership, plus a few external participants.  The literary and photographic talents of our members are clearly in evidence throughout our web site.  We have been fortunate to have Ben on our team, continuing to share his professional skills and talent in this area so generously.  Thanks again Ben.

Looking forward to seeing you out in the snow!  Don't forget your bathing suits on New Year's Day!!

Andy Hoffer
Secretary-Treasurer and Membership Director, TEMAC

TEMAC - Financial Statement - Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 4, 2019

Assets @ Dec 4, 2019:
Adjusted Bank Balance (including outstanding cheques and pending deposits) 15,138.13Total Assets 15,138.13
Liabilities @ Dec 4, 2019 0
Total Liabilities 0.00
Net Assets @ Dec 4, 2019   (Assets less Liabilities)  $   15,138.13
Debits Credits

Revenues (Jan 1, 2019 - Dec 4, 2019):
TEMAC Memberships         8,105.00
New member contributions (initiation fees = 19 x 2019 initiations @ $30 = $570.00); Event ticket and auction sales (proceeds = $912.50)          1,482.50
Bank Interest                   -   
Total Revenues   $9,587.50

Expenses (Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 4, 2019)
Hardware, Stationery Supplies, Postage             20.34
Grass Cutting (May 1 - Sept 30, 2019)        2,250.00
Field expenses (grass seed, tape, wind sock repairs, herbicide, Loo pumpouts, repairs)        2,564.50 Annual Fun Fly & Mini Fun Fly Expenses, Web Site, Appreciation Gifts, Meeting Room rentals         1,348.52
Bank Charges                  -   
Field Rental         1,600.00
MAAC Expenses (Wings; Club MAAC membership Renewal (2020-2022)           221.42

Total Expenses $   8,004.78

Net Revenues
    (Jan 1, 2019 - Dec 4, 2019)  $  1,582.72

Budget for 2020 - FINAL
    Remarks 2020 Budget - rev 1
    100 x     $80           8,000.00
    Initiation Fees 10 x $30             300.00
    Fun Fly Events - food & raffle ticket sales             650.00
    Auctions              280.00
    Total Revenues  $       9,230.00
    Field Rental (Lease)           1,600.00
    Grass Cutting 5 x $450            2,250.00
    Field Maintenance (gravel, seeding, rolling,
    Loo pump outs, runway repair tape)           1,050.00
    Field Improvements (Geotex runway
    replacement)           1,500.00
    Annual Fun Fly; Mini Fun Fly Events (food,
    prizes, awards)             750.00
    Meeting Room rentals             600.00
    Web Site Hosting                    -   
    Office (stationery, postage, ink)             100.00
    MAAC Expenses (wings)             150.00
    Total Expenses   $       8,000.00
    Gain (Loss) $1,230.00


Report of the Vice-President & Director of Administration, TEMAC

Except for early November, the weather has been a kind to us at the field this year.  The Geotex runway remains functional but is beginning to show its age.  When it was installed in 2014, we estimated a 4-year useful life so it has done its job.  The rest of our field is in pretty good shape.

Field Maintenance and Improvements

Here's what was done this year:
•       Spring clean up, including grass over-seeding and field rolling
•       Runway rolling and repairs
•       Portable toilet cleanouts and upkeep
•       Weekly grass cutting from May through October
•       Gravel addition to the parking lot and driveway.
•       Table maintenance & repair
•       Tall grass trimming along the laneway and parking lot edges
•       Fall clean up, including drainage channel clearing and laneway raking

The major undertaking was the 3 truckloads of gravel.  In prior deliveries, the drivers were skilled enough to spread their loads which minimized our workload.  Three-foot high piles are what we got this time.  Fortunately, Paul came to our rescue with a Bobcat from his work.

Safety & Security

Unfortunately, there were several lapses in the rules this season.  There are the MAAC rules and the TEMAC rules, both applicable when flying at our field.   We must all strive to abide by these rules to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone in a respectful and courteous manner.  If an insurance claim for an accident is denied due to non-compliance of the rules, then you may become personally liable.  Enough said.


This year's training season was lots of fun and rewarding for those who obtained their wings and hopefully for those who are still progressing towards achieving them.
This was Bruce Weaver's 2nd season as the club's CFI.  There were many new pilots awarded wings this year who have quickly become amazing flyers.  That must be a testament to the Bruce's school of flying and his team of instructors and ground crew.
To Bruce, all of our instructors and ground crew, thank you so much for your time, dedication, and making Wednesday evenings and other training sessions so pleasant.

Proposed Objectives for 2020

Here are some suggestions of the things to do:

•       Spring clean up
•       Grass over seeding & field rolling
•       Geotex runway replacement
•       Runway and lawn maintenance
•       The "Loo" maintenance
•       Minor Table & Storage Bin repairs
•       Driveway & parking lot maintenance
•       Fall clean up

I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the board with Michael, Simon, Greg and Andy.  There were some challenges but we somehow managed our way through and I think we can be proud of our accomplishments.  I wish the new board continued success and enjoyment.

I would like to give a shout out to Brian Gillion for making sure the lawn is kept in trim.  Brian has a wealth of knowledge about RC flying clubs in the area and has been a great resource for me over the years.

Finally, my thanks to all of you volunteers who continue to come and help making our club so special.

Graham McNicol
Vice-President & Director of Administration, TEMAC


Minutes of Meetng – TEMAC AGM Dec 5 2018

Call for quorum:
Required quorum = 20% x 97 members = 20
Attendance at AGM = 37 persons  OK.
Quorum requirement sa&s'ed.
8:01 pm Motion to start meetng.
    Moved by Frank Van Beurden
    Seconded by Adam Maas
Motion to accept minutes of 2017 AGM:
    Moved by Frank Van Beurden
    Seconded by Bjerne ("BJ") Roberts
Moton to accept executve reports:
    Moved by Richard Budny
    Seconded by Andy Chong.
Appointment of new president:
    Michael Rogozinsky appointed as new president by outgoing president Simon Hinchcliffe.
New motons:
Moton to adjourn mee&ng:
    Moved by Eric Hagens
    Seconded by Adam Maas.
8:03 p.m.  Meetng adjourned
Minutes prepared by Andy Hoffer, Secretary-Treasurer, TEMAC


Frank v B

Thanks to all the Board members for their dedication, diligence and perseverance in guiding TEMAC for another year. 
It's not good to single out anyone among a great bunch of volunteers but a huge "Thank you" to Graham for his dedication over the last many years looking after the field.  He always comes to the field to work, to guide and keep a critical eye on the rest of us.
It is a fun and safe place to fly despite some hiccups.  Nothing is ever perfect but we aim to approach it. ;)

"Never trade luck for skill"


I can't say enough, but give my sincere thanks to Michael, Andy, Graham and Greg for your dedication and work over the years to ensure the remainder of the club members have a fantastic infrastructure and atmosphere in which to fly and share this great hobby. 

Also many thanks to Ben Feist for managing this amazing website and Forum. It has to be one of the best websites of any RC clubs around.

Also many thanks to all my good friends (all members) in this club, because it is the membership that makes it fun, safe and enjoyable.  Let's work together as conscientious, considerate members and keep it that way for the years to come.