Different kinds of wings?

Started by Bridger, March 31, 2024, 12:22:20 PM

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Hi All!
New guy here.  I have seen on some threads mention of park flyer wings vs regular wings, can anyone tell me what is the difference, especially as i have no wings at all just yet :(


I think those are older terms.

Currently, a member's flying status is defined by three levels: student, solo status, and wings status.

A student is someone who is not familiar with all the flight, field and safety rules, has not acquired sufficient skills, according to a flight instructor, to be able to consistently fly without help, safely, or without severely damaging the model being used.

Solo status is someone who has enough skill to have permission to fly without an instructor by his/her side, but with an instructor at the field.

Wings status is given to a flyer who understands and follows all the rules, and can consistently fly their plane safely, including taking off and landing.