Flying tomorrow or flying this morning

Started by bweaver, September 03, 2019, 08:15:26 AM

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I will be flying this morning.  Hope to see you there. 


Not 10 minutes before this photo opportunity I'd mentioned to Bruce that I felt he could fly a plane with no wings, no tail, and no prop.  Then this happened.
His Sig Smith Mini Plane was coming in for a landing after a successful takeoff and flight.  It was all perfect.  On the base leg turn to landing, heading south, into a brisk wind, just over the corner of the beans, the Smith Mini started making a very loud rumbling noise.  It actually sounded like a real engine.  I thought Bruce had added a sound module and flipped a switch for landing.  He brought it in for a perfect landing... and then saw where his motor was.

No damage to the motor... it was the screws holding the motor that had vibrated loose... and let go.  I'm so glad it all turned out ok... and so glad I got to see it.


And @Frank v B - It's a granola container cowl, not a margarine container.  I have standards you know.  Obviously not very high, but I have some. :-*

Frank v B


re: "It's a granola container cowl, not a margarine container."

Growlnola describes the sound it made. 8)


ps: I will donate the Loctite.  First time I have seen all 4 screws back out.  Glad it came home in one piece..... well, two to be exact.  ;)
"Never trade luck for skill"


In that fall is coming and the weather conditions are changing, there will likely be a number of changes to the routine habits of showing up at the field at a certain time or day.

I have changed the heading of this topic to 'Flying tomorrow or flying this morning'.  This post can be routinely used by those wishing to advise other members that they are flying, as it says - tomorrow or flying this morning. 

For example: I'm flying this morning.  Arriving a little after 10.