William Kemp

Started by WilliamK, March 18, 2022, 05:13:59 PM

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Hello Everyone, 

I'm William, just in the process of getting a MAAC membership at the moment.  Hoping to get flight experience with RC aircraft and flight controllers since I'm working with the Ryerson Applied Aerodynamics Lab of Flight and tis a useful skill to have. I've had some experience with flying RC aircraft around 10 years ago now, hoping to get back into it!



Nice to e-meet you William! I look forward to meeting you at the field....I'd love to fire a bunch of questions at you about flight controllers!!! Oh, I'd also be happy to help you fly again.


Frank v B


I have sent you a personal message regarding the next steps.  Give me a call (my cell number was included in the PM)
Welcome to TEMAC.


"Never trade luck for skill"


Thanks for the welcome from both Simon and Frank!  Looking forward to meeting you all at the field.