Flying today April 8

Started by davidk, April 08, 2024, 05:29:16 PM

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Good flying today... a bit chilly without a coat, but good wind.

When we were leaving a White Dodge Minivan (very large) drove in and parked rear first into the first opening at the north side of the driveway.
There are huge 6 inch deep tracks in this area due to people parking 20 feet into the pits area.

Michael and I approached this car since we did not recognize it.  It took a few minutes of this guy ignoring us before he rolled down his window and he said "can I help you?".

We then asked if we could help him, since he was parked on private land and trespassing.  He asked who we were and if we were the owners of the land.

Michael explained we were a flying club and asked this late 30's Eastern European man (heavy accent) if he flew because there are licenses that he'd need to have.

This man said he understood about RPAS, and that he doesn't fly.  We left it at that.

On my way back from Tim's I saw the van was gone.

This guy had such an attitude... normal I suppose in these days.

Keep an eye out.  His license plate begins with BZSK.