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General Discussion / Re: RC Track Construction
« Last post by sihinch on Yesterday at 06:32:26 pm »
Hate to be a downer but I’ve had some comments/concerns brought to my attention about RC cars at TEMAC so I need to make a few things clear, please.....

The Board agreed to a car track providing it was a member led initiative and that it would be no risk or no nuisance to RC flying.

I love RC and I do enjoy driving RC cars. But we are a model aviation club; that is our purpose. Driving on the driveway poses a risk to parked vehicles. Driving in the pits poses a risk to models. Driving on the taxiway/runway potentially interferes with flying models.

So please, I ask everyone to abide by the following from now on relating to RC cars at TEMAC:

Track is for Members only
No car driving in the pits
No car driving on the driveway
Absolutely no cars on the runway or taxiway

Please let’s remember our motto of safety and courtesy, and also that we are a flying club.

TEMAC Events / Re: COMING SOON - Annual Fun Fly
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 05:25:33 pm »
Had a coffee with Cadez this morning. 

We are both planning to bring out our Norsemans.  Greg bought Jack's at the auction.  If we can get one more out we can do a missing man formation.  It will be easy.  Just flying normally, mine will disappear into the bean field at the appropriate time. ;D

Hey, Mr. Wingnutz Q, it would be awesome if you can bring your big one (.60- size).... if you can attend.  Pretty please. ;)

Trading Post / 3 models - EXCELLENT flyers - for sale, cheap!
« Last post by Michael on Yesterday at 09:50:06 am »
Really good stuff for sale, …. cheap! All good flyers. I'm selling because I have too much stuff and need to make some space.
Terms: I want the deal done fast, and you pick up from me, either from Thornhill (Hwy 7 and Bathurst area) or North York (Lawrence Dufferin area).

Call me to confirm: 647-300-7646.

E-Flite UMX A-10 BL Twin EDF jet. Excellent condition! Flies great! With original box. No damage, no crashes. Only flown about a dozen times.
Retail $205 plus tax:
New about $200 plus tax. This one, only $100, including a used but good condition E-Flite brand 2S 800mah battery.

Hangar 9 Pulse 60 sport flyer, 70” wingspan, with all BRAND NAME components. E-Flite 50-size brushless motor, 60 amp speed control, and E-Flite digital servos. On a 6S 5000mah battery pack, this plane will take off in 10 feet, and climb to 1000 feet doing rolls the whole way. It’ll do loops, rolls, spins, and all the fancy tricks, yet when slowed down, it’ll fly like a park flyer. You’ll need a receiver and a 6-cell battery. One neatly done covering repair on the bottom of one wing. 9/10 visual condition; 12/10 flying condition. (The parts alone are a bargain - you could basically power any 60-size warbird with this system). If you want to get into big non-foam models, it won’t get cheaper than this! About $700 in cost to me, but you can get your thrills for $250.

E-Flite UMX Aero Commander. Twin-motor plane. Excellent condition! Flies great! With original box. No damage, no crashes. Only flown about a dozen times.
Retail $205 plus tax.
New about $200 plus tax. This one, only $100, including a used but good condition E-Flite brand 2S 800mah battery.

General Discussion / Re: Flying tomorrow - Sun Aug 19
« Last post by Gregor77 on August 18, 2018, 08:30:45 pm »
Oh great!  See you at Tims!  I just need to get out!
General Discussion / Flying tomorrow - Sun Aug 19
« Last post by Frank v B on August 18, 2018, 07:13:32 pm »
Will be there tomorrow...if anyone needs help... or none at all. ;D  Tim's Woodbine at 9:30 am and at the field at 10 am.  Have to leave about 1 pm.


This way Andy knows to show up at 1:30 pm ;D ;D

General Discussion / RC Track Construction
« Last post by Gregor77 on August 18, 2018, 07:06:14 pm »
Well some of you may have noticed a few mounds of dirt at the south side of the field.   This is going to be our new RC track for the membership that may want to run RC cars and buggies.

Well construction has now begun!

I just need members to follow some simple rules until we are finished and offically open it to the membership.

- Right now the track is a work in progress. I would like members to please stand clear if any large machinary is being operated.  Example BOBCAT, safety is first!

Once the track is completed (TBD)

- The RC track is for members only!  You need full MAAC and TEMAC memberships to be able to use the track.  This is not open to the public!
- We must be respectful of any pilots that are flying around!  It is hard enough to fly, there is no need to race up and down the runway if someone is flying. So please do not run any RC cars on the runway while people are actively flying.  Please keep the cars on the track or in the parking lot at all times.
- Almost all modern RC cars are 2.4 land and will not interfer with RC aircraft signals.  But for some of the vintage vehicles, they may have FM, so please use the channel board if that is the case.  This is not a concern if you are running AM, primarily FM.
- Temac is an electric club, so this is also limited to electric rc cars.  Nitro or gas is not permited.

I will update this thread as things become present.

Please feel free to add any other comments or concerns so that we may be able to address them in the near future.


Trading Post / Re: Free and Cheap models - watch this space for updates
« Last post by Gregor77 on August 18, 2018, 06:44:26 pm »
Cool!  Someone get this!!!
General Discussion / Re: The Chase
« Last post by Andy Hoffer on August 18, 2018, 05:43:58 pm »
Nicely done guys!  And beautiful light!!

General Discussion / The Chase
« Last post by Palkina on August 18, 2018, 01:26:07 pm »
Chasing Jakob's plane in the sky.

Trading Post / Re: Free and Cheap models - watch this space for updates
« Last post by sihinch on August 18, 2018, 11:25:38 am »
OK, next up for sale is an FPV wing airframe. I watch Stephan and Eric fly their wings and they are brilliant. So I bought one and started to build it but after flying my Chaser C1 and Theory W, realize the wing I've got is not for me.

So, who wants a VAS Anubis SE airframe, fully laminated, with 2 metal gear servos for $60
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