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Building / Construction / Re: Frank's next repair assignment
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 08:59:56 pm »
Gluing in the first brace:

- sanded the left-over covering so the epoxy would adhere.
- applied 15 minute epoxy and dropped 2 pieces of carbon veil over the joints  Photo 70
- placed the plywood brace over the carbon and pushed out all the air. (Photo 71)
- placed waxed paper on top and placed one #64 rubber band over the plate to keep it pushed down and centered. (Photo 72)
- placed a piece of balsa at the wing hold-down under another rubber band to keep it flat and push it against the former.

The waxed paper is used for two reasons:
i) to stop the glue from sticking to everything
ii) to flatten the fibres so no sanding is required.

Building / Construction / Re: Frank's next repair assignment
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 08:26:14 pm »
Putting the grey matter to work:

- tried to split the covering and peel it back so it could be re-used but the colour separated from the plastic.  Have cut the covering back to the corners.

step 1- fill in the little step that holds the landing gear with wood so it is flush with the main part of the nose
step 2- add a solid piece of plywood from the leading edge of the wing to the very front of the fuselage.
step 3- re-attach the landing gear using the same bolts and the same attachment points.

Step 1 photographs
- cut a piece of wood the size of the step.  The thickness needs to bring it flush with the rest of the bottom piece.  (Photo 66)
- mark the two LG attachment holes onto the plywood insert by inserting two sharpened dowels into the two attachment points (photo 67).  Add some paint to the top of the dowels.  I used dark blue Dollar store paint and applied it with a tooth pick (photo 68).
- carefully place the piece of wood in the correct place and push down so the paint transfers onto the plate (photo 69) and drill it out at the paint spots.
Building / Construction / Frank's next repair assignment
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 06:29:25 pm »
Picked up a brand new, assembled, Horizon Hobbies Pulse 60 with a Saito 4 stroke 125 in the nose.

The work order:
- strengthen the landing gear.  These have a habit of ripping out because of the short landing gear plate which cannot stop the long landing gear legs from acting like huge levers and ripping it apart.  The owner has another one with an electric motor and I have had to repair it before.
- replace the small wheels and wheel pants with new 4 1/2" wheels.  This customer flies off grass.

Approach is still to be decided but the first step is always to take it apart, mark all the settings and orientations (needle valve 4 turns open from fully closed, mark fuel feed and pressure lines, orientation of the tank (up and down).  All these are put into a box.

Now to get the grey matter going and solve the problem.


The plane was delivered to John's Hobbies at 10:30 am today, Saturday, June 23.  Picked up my next assignment.  The link is http://temac.ca/smf/index.php/topic,6655.0.html

General Discussion / Re: Flying this Sunday June 24
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 04:02:46 pm »
The weather is looking awful.  Should start interviewing for lifeguards at the field.

If it is raining at 9 am, I am going back to sleep*. ;)


* yes Andy, my normal state of mind.

I am drawing a blank. 
Oh, that is not my state of mind, it is describing the photo.  There ain't one. ;)
No photo, no critique, no snide comments.  Problem solved. ;D

Flight Instruction / Re: Flight Instruction June 20th is a GO
« Last post by bweaver on Today at 10:28:43 am »
To the END of the universe and back 8)

I'm glad I'm not a space traveler...  ;)
Flight Instruction / Re: Flight Instruction June 20th is a GO
« Last post by BJROB on Today at 09:40:34 am »
To the END of the universe and back 8)
Way to go @Frank v B !  I am looking forward to your formal portrait of this completed masterpiece from a nice low (down on the ground) realistic angle, with precise focus from tip to tail, with fill flash, with balanced exposure, with perfect white balance and an uncluttered, defocused background!  8)

(I'll bet the soy beans are relieved to hear that this plane is going back to John's Hobbies!!)


Building / Construction / Re: Frank's Rainbow 2000 (.45-.55 size) build
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 11:32:41 pm »
Last few details done tonight.  Tomorrow (Saturday) before noon it is going back to John's Hobbies.  Roger will add the ESC and bind the RX to the customer's transmitter and voila!

The last details were:
- attaching the landing gear for the first time
- building an extension to the battery box.  There may be a CG problem because the motor is a .90 for an airplane designed to fly with a .55.  I extended the battery box backward until it is in the pilot's nether region.  This way the 8 cell pack (2 -4S packs) can be used to find the proper CG.  Cannot do it now because the ESC has not been installed yet.
- assembled and bagged all the extra bits, the instruction booklets (plane, RX), the extra (small) wheels, wheel pants, spare screws, etc.


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