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Love you Frank!
Building / Construction / Re: Build class this Wednesday, Jan 23- 2019
« Last post by sihinch on Today at 07:53:59 pm »
I’m coming!! Me, me, me!  ;D

But did you mean dinner about 5pm Frank?  ???
Building / Construction / Build class this Wednesday, Jan 23- 2019
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 07:03:09 pm »
Come join us for the build class.  CL 415 lessons from Rob, Michael and hopefully Glenn.

I will be building the Minnow stick and tissue rubber powered airplane that Athol brought out at the last Pilots' Meeting.  I will also bring the little bullet plane and start building that.

Dinner at about 7 pm upstairs at Col Mustards and build class will start about 7 pm in the basement ....or whenever Piker has finished his wings and Coke. ;)

Hope to see you there.  Bring your project, your questions and your insults.  We can handle it.

General Discussion / Frank's New car
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 01:08:24 pm »
My old car died before Christmas and took delivery of a new (used) car last week.  Bright red just like Gerald's and Glenn's cars.  No more sneaking up to the field in a charcoal grey van or as Graham would say "two 2x4's with a car attached." 8)

Just now when I told my dear wife that emptying out the old car was like an archeological dig she swiftly replied "dumpster diving"  ;D ;D

See how my best friend treats me. ;)

General Discussion / Re: The Chuckle Corner - Humor
« Last post by bweaver on Today at 11:06:22 am »
Trading Post / Re: EDF units needed with matching ESC required for students
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 10:51:50 pm »

Put together the following RC experimentation kit for the students:

- two geared GWS indoor units-  One is a "B" drive and one is a "D" drive (stamped on the face of the large diameter gear)- If another Temac member could find either a B or D drive we can have matching sets.
- two small brushed electric motors with props that came from a differential thrust indoor flyer. (direct drive) and 2 spare motors with props in case you need them.
- two matching GWS 8 Amp brushed ESC's with JST connectors.
- 3 matching GWS 6X3 props (one is a spare)
- a 2 cell 180 mah lipo pack (E-Flite) with a JST plug.  In case you need light weight power.
- one 2S 850 mah lipo pack with a JST plug in case you have extra buoyancy.
- 2 spare brushed GWS motors in case you want to try direct drive
- 2 spare JST plus (male) with pigtails
- 1 JST plug (female) with pigtail

All from member donations (John Kusturin, Bert Dunk, others).  Will bring them Wednesday to the Build Class.

If members could please surface a B or D drive for Greg it would complete the power unit.


ps: my experience with RC blimps is that they maneuver very slowly and cannot be pushed around with significant power.  I once helped Ken Wilton fly the RC blimp at the AC Centre before a Maple Leaf game.  Speed is not an option.  Everything, including crashing, is done in slow motion.
Other Events / Re: Kitchener Swap meet this Saturday, Jan 19
« Last post by Polecat on Yesterday at 09:07:59 pm »
Was great having chat with the Temac E F 1 guys at the swap meet. Tried to talk Frank into buying an Outrageous build kit but didn't have any bits, as we say when fishing the bit was off. The crowd was really down and two or three empty tables, but the tables where all sold.
As for E F 1 racing, I will be sending out an email this week, with the race dates, they will be the same time of year, early spring and fall.
If anyone is interested getting to racing, I have a couple of planes for sale, a Pole Cat and Dara, also I have the new all white Outrageous ARF coming.

Go Fast Turn Left
Building / Construction / Re: CL-415 group-build thread
« Last post by electroflyer on Yesterday at 08:27:37 pm »
     Well, it is a long time between posts, but I have been busy with assorted projects.
   I am now in the process of sheeting the rear wing as the control linkages and control surfaces now work. The lighting needs to be completed by running nav lights to the wing tips. Landing lights are run and waiting for locations in the leading edge. I will also be gluing a triangular leading edge which will be sanded to the desired shape. I almost screwed up large by not placing my wing tip float hard point in place before sheeting, but caught myself. If all goes according to plan, I should have the top sheeting finished tomorrow with the wing ready to bolt in place.

  Here are the latest photo's including the the Nacelles.
Other Events / Re: Kitchener Swap meet this Saturday, Jan 19
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 05:49:12 pm »
Cadez and I ventured out.  Made the "go" decision at 7:30 this morning.  Attendance was way down on both the vendor and buyer side.  Heard some people say the drive in from the south was awful.  Put the words "Cadez", "car", "swap meet" in one sentence and nothing will stop him. :D

Got the chance to hurl challenges (well, insults really) to our EF-1 buddies.  Dave, Rick, Cory and Ken F.  Everything will be settled on the race course in the spring.  We are going to be soooo schooled in pylon racing... again. ;)

Trading Post / Re: EDF units needed with matching ESC required for students
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 05:38:03 pm »

It would probably be easier and lighter to use GWS geared brushed motors with props.  They are lighter and cheaper.

I will dig into my shop tonight and put together a power kit for this project for Wednesday's Build Class.  Five finger discount from all of the stuff donated by members like John Kusturin.


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