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Building / Construction / Re: Rob's Airsail Chipmunk Build
« Last post by octagon on Today at 09:42:12 am »
I have an extra Eflite Power 60 which should be more than enough for  this bird. I should come out weighting about 7 pounds I think. I could use something smaller probably, but I have a 60 with only 3 1/2 flights  and a bit of mud on it. Probably about 80 A ESC should do it flying on 5s 5000 I think. 
Building / Construction / Re: Brian Taylor Mosquito
« Last post by electroflyer on Today at 08:42:51 am »

 The batteries will be placed in the nose. The current formers will be trimmed to accept a battery box with a lift off hatch. I just will refrain from any cutting until the second half is ready to join as I do not want any potential de formation of the fuselage to complicate the build.
Other Events / Re: Kitchener Waterloo Swap meet Jan 20
« Last post by electroflyer on Today at 08:36:20 am »
  Hey guys,
 I will meet you out there.

Other Events / Re: Kitchener Waterloo Swap meet Jan 20
« Last post by mawz on Yesterday at 10:37:54 pm »
Looks like I will be attending, I'll see you folks at the meet.
General Discussion / Re: Facts about Brand New Spitfires during WWII
« Last post by mawz on Yesterday at 10:34:19 pm »
The Bulged P-51 canopy actually came from R Malcolm & Co, which was that small company in a shed.

Martin Baker was a much larger concern that was producing components and also developed the MB.3 and MB.5 fighters, which were not produced but offered very high performance. Baker's death in the MB.3 prototype drive Martin to produce the line of ejection seats which M-B had been working on since the mid 1930's.

M-B did also produce many Spitfire seat assemblies (the armored frame, not the Bakelite seats themselves)
Other Events / Re: Kitchener Waterloo Swap meet Jan 20
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 10:15:49 pm »
The website shows the start for the Kitchener Swap Meet is 10:00am for the general public so we should meet at Tim's Weston Road immediately south of the 401 by 8:30 am.

Building / Construction / Re: FRANK'S 1/2A F4U CORSAIR BUILD
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 09:05:41 pm »
After a day sick in bed.... and silence for all Temac members, it is back to building a model airplane

Photo 26-  Right side (starboard) of the wing Slowly pulling everything together. None of the ribs have been glued on the main spar yet.  Started out with gluing the leading and trailing edge against the two outer ribs of each section then once the 5 minute epoxy dried, glued the rest of the ribs to the leading edge, let that dry, then the trailing edge let that dry and then do it over again on the second half.

Back to my old rule of thumb "build one half of the wings and then make exactly the same mistakes on the second half (chord, span, etc.) and it will fly fine."

Photo 27- the whole wing.  The second half is slowly catching up to the decisions/mistakes made on the first half.

It looks like very little was done but this was about a dozen separate mixes of 5 minute epoxy.
General Discussion / Re: Anyone planning on flying tomorrow ?
« Last post by Andy Hoffer on Yesterday at 04:30:04 pm »
Part 2 - More Bottoms, and Tops

So there you go!  And after you've fought your way into your snow gear, you'll be nice and toasty and all limbered up (or cramped) for standing at the flight line!!!


Nice shooting Bruce!!

General Discussion / Re: Anyone planning on flying tomorrow ?
« Last post by Andy Hoffer on Yesterday at 04:23:31 pm »

The sun was A.W.O.L., but the temperature was mild (-6oC) and the winds were light (6 knots) out of the south west, so the flying conditions were quite decent. 

Bruce was good enough to come out and supervise (from the confines of his warm automobile, of course) and, in his capacity as CFI, do a photo essay on how to dress properly for winter flying!  I'm usually very shy when it comes to modelling, but for a good cause I went for it.  Bruce coached me on the correct assembly sequence and we now have a pretty good photo tutorial for all of you who have wanted to enjoy some snow flying but weren't sure how to assemble their winter PPE.  So here is the final product, in two parts for your enjoyment.  This should help you conquer your fear of winter flying!!   8)

Part 1:  Bottoms and Boots
Building / Construction / Re: Brian Taylor Mosquito
« Last post by Michael on Yesterday at 04:23:14 pm »

Where will the battery (batteries) go?
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