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Trading Post / Re: Really good stuff for sale, …. cheap!
« Last post by Michael on Today at 11:00:40 am »
Motor system going to Piker.
Great article Michael. And good thoughts Bruce.

We have a very active forum section on learning to fly. I wonder how we could optimize our web presence to appear higher in searches?

Any web geniuses present?
I read the article last night.  It was great what you did for the children's camp and for introducing children to the hobby.   The new temp law has certainly complicated things.

What I really found interesting however was the 'Beginner' committee article on page 52 of the same magazine.  The article seems to be preaching to the converted members of the hobby who already are members of MAAC. 

This made me question ----  What kind of outreach does MAAC try to do to encourage the general public in this regard?  I just googled 'learn how to fly rc planes' and MAAC didn't come up on the first 5 pages of the search (that's all I looked at)?  The google references were primarily adds, references to UTUBE videos, rc groups etc, yet not MAAC. 

Then I went to the MAAC Web page.  I was very disappointed in what I saw when I searched under the sub heading

"Learn to Fly"

If you would like to learn to fly model aircraft, MAAC can help you out.

    MAAC Beginner Committee
    Contact MAAC

I had always thought MAAC had more information on the subject and it would be useful and easy to find.   :-[

Is there something we could do better in this regard as an organization and a club?
Thanks Ed.

As the MAAC deputy zone director, I've been writing the L-zone report for a few issues already, to help our current zone director with his work load.

Just a shout out to say I got to say "Hey I know that guy!" To myself reading the recent MAAC mag.  As usual doing his thing and bringing electric flying to the people.

Congrats Michael I guess autograph prices will be climbing!
Trading Post / Re: Really good stuff for sale, …. cheap!
« Last post by Michael on Yesterday at 07:16:49 pm »
Bruce is getting the Flyzone Beaver.

If the balance are not sold within a couple days, I will post these items on RCCanada. The last time I posted something on RCCanada, I sold it in 38 minutes.

General Discussion / Loc8tor
« Last post by octagon on Yesterday at 10:18:47 am »
After searching for my errant H9 P40 that went missing 2 Saturdays ago I wondered why the onboard Loc8tor did not work. I finally found it on my third sojourn into and beyond the corn. I was aided by Glenn, Oscar, Roger That, and a friend from Florida. It was finally located in the alfalfa field south of the corn field. We found everything except the Loc8tor disk that was on board at the time of the crash. It was hard to understand why, when even standing right over the crash site there was no signal. I think I have figured it out. Last night as i was packing up after flying, I was putting the disk away when I dropped it on the grass from table height. It popped open like a clam on the barbecue! If it opened that easy on grass, it is pretty obvious that is what happened in the crash of the P40. I think for anyone using the Loc8tor, it would be a good idea to tape the onboard disk closed so it does not open on impact. 
Trading Post / Re: Really good stuff for sale, …. cheap!
« Last post by bweaver on Yesterday at 09:23:26 am »
Flyzone Beaver Sold.  I'll contact you by PM to arrange for purchase/pickup.

Trading Post / Really good stuff for sale, …. cheap!
« Last post by Michael on Yesterday at 08:23:39 am »
Really good stuff for sale, …. cheap!

Terms: I like fast and prompt sales. Cash only; pick up from me either in Thornhill or North York. Do not respond here; do not send me a personal message; do not send me an email; do not send me a text. Call me at 647-300-7646.

Flyzone Beaver with floats and wheels. I took off the steering from the floats, because it steers better with just rudder. Never crashed; no damage; just normal wear. At least 8/10 visual condition, 10/10 flyable condition. I have never used the wheels; it takes off with floats from land, snow or water with ease. Brushless motor, speed control, servos all included. You’ll need a receiver and a 3-cell battery.
Retails at $247.99 plus tax.
Buy mine and fly off snow, grass and water, for only $120. Sold pending payment.


Great Planes Spectra 2-meter motor glider ARF, no longer in production. This superb model airplane is an amazing flyer and is extremely easy to fly. It will climb to 1000 feet in seconds, and glide/float for as long as you want. I’ve installed an E-Flite 480 brushless motor, an E-Flite 30 amp speed control (brake already programmed in), excellent JR servos, and a folding Aeronaut (that’s European for very expensive) propeller.  Never crashed. 9/10 visual condition; 11/10 flying condition. You’ll need a receiver and a 3-cell battery.
I have over $400 invested. Have fun with some relaxed flying for only $150.


Hangar 9 Pulse 60 sport flyer, with E-Flite 50-size brushless motor, 60 amp speed control, and E-Flite digital servos. On a 6S 5000mah battery pack, this plane will take off in 10 feet, and climb to 1000 feet doing rolls the whole way. It’ll do loops, rolls, spins, and all the fancy tricks, yet when slowed down, it’ll fly like a park flyer. You’ll need a receiver and a 6-cell battery. One neatly done covering repair on the bottom of one wing. 9/10 visual condition; 12/10 flying condition. If you want to get into big non-foam models, it won't get cheaper than this! About $700 in cost to me, but you can get your thrills for $350.


Huge electric power system. E-Flite 160 brushless motor and a Castle Creations 110 amp high-voltage speed control. Together with an 18/8 APC electric propeller, adjustable metal motor mount, and complete wiring for 2 6-cell battery packs. This will easily fly a 15 to 20 pound model with authority. Perfect working condition. It is completely ready for installation. If you are thinking of getting into larger models, even down the road, buy this set-up and save hundreds!  $300. Sold pending payment.

Trading Post / Lot 14- UMX Habu, quad, power meter
« Last post by Frank v B on September 18, 2017, 11:00:51 pm »
Offered for sale from the Bert Dunk collection:

- UMX yellow and white Habu DF, two E-Flite batteries, (no landing gear, no charger) in original carrying box.  Minor damage to the nose, one wingtip has been glued back, some creases in one side of the stab.  In my opinion perfectly flyable as is.  GreatHobbies listed at $198.00 plus tax.  Offered at $60.00

- Blade nano QX 18 gram indoor quad.  BNF.  Spare canopy and 4 spare props.  Two props show minor damage.  Looks in good condition.  Listed on GreatHobbies as $61.99 plus tax.  Offered at $20.00

- E-Flite power meter (EFLA 110)- retail price $44.99 plus tax.  E-Flite blue connectors on both ends.  I have one and it is great.  Shows volts, amps and watts.  Offered for $20.00

- Z-Bend pliers.  Looks like Hanger 9 red handle pliers.  Listed at $19.99 plus tax.    Looks brand new.  Offered for $10.00
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